The Friday Five ~ May 17th

The Friday FiveLife seems to be speeding by right now. A trip I planned last December will begin on Wednesday, and I am sure that too will go by quickly. So here are the things I am thinking about this morning.

  1. The first part of my trip involves flying from Boston to Heathrow Airport. When I clear customs, I expect a handsome British man to greet me and drive me to Southampton.
  2. I will meet Jessica, my stepdaughter, at MacDonald Botley Grange and Spa. It’s a lovely hotel with a British pub and a restaurant where we can have tea.
  3. They also have a spa where one can have their nails done or swim. But best of all, I will be seeing Jessica again.
  4. So, now on to packing. I am attempting to bring only two carry-ons. I’m using packing cubes, which seem to be doing their job of compacting my clothes so far. The killer is traveling with my medications in their original containers. Having those at the top of your carry-on is also advised.
  5. Since my hair is very short (and appears not to be growing back), I will not carry my blow dryer. My hair is naturally curly, so I will do a lot of scrunching.

That’s it for today. I will try to write while I am gone. Pictures too. I can hardly wait.


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