It’s All About…

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It’s all About…What’s on the inside!

How many of you have looked around you and have seen beautiful faces and thought, I would like to get to know that person? Sort of an instant crush based on appearances only.

Here’s the thing, the external appearance should mean nothing to you. It’s all about what is on the inside.

Long ago my Grandmother told me that a youthful pretty face eventually would age and if you were not a good person inside, eventually, the meanness, the poor juju, the evilness would show on your face.

I think when I had my facial cancer surgery in 2013 I started to really look around and think about what Grandma had told me.

2013 2022 (1)2013 – 2022

As I sat in the plastic surgeon’s office I saw people there to have serious rebuilds done to their faces. They were accompanied by a friend or family member. And listening to their conversations I heard the sounds of love, care, and concern.

There I was feeling very sorry for myself and the loss of the face that God gave me, and there were people far worse off, with people that loved them by their side.

I suppose that was when I started to consider the person I was, how I treated people, and how I wanted to live out my life.

I decided to look for beauty in every person I saw. At the same time, I needed to stop allowing myself to only find my value, in my face.

I think having my face rearranged was the best thing that could have happened to me. It made me grow. It made me look outside of the box at what real value is in one’s life.


It’s All About…

Dog Pablo Picasso

Kindness & Love

Recently, there was a question on Facebook that I am positively sure no one was really thinking about when they answered. The question?

“If you could get rid of one thing in the World, what would it be?”

Well, most people named their least favorite politician. Some named their ex-spouses. While others named obscure and little-known rock singers.

But as I sat here thinking about that question, I came up with the only legitimate answer.


I chose Hate because if it did not exist problems throughout the world would end.

Wars would not be fought. Divorces would be settled in a kind and positive way. Children would be raised in an atmosphere of total love instead of ammunition between mother and father.

People would smile more and accept people for who they are. Kindness would prevail!

If Hate ceased to exist, people would respect each other. They would work for positive outcomes, instead of destroying what people think or have, they would work together to make things better.

Each day I turn on the TV and I hear average people, politicians, and even children spewing Hate-filled speeches.

Our TV commercials here in New Hampshire are filled with political ads and the ads are filled with Hate.

So, I subscribed to a few streaming services so that I can avoid the bleak pictures being painted of our world.

Politicians, school board members, and town officials beware. If you are preaching Hate, you’re not getting my vote.

I vote for kindness and love.

It’s All About…Paying Bills

Lili woke me early on Wednesday so she could go out and commune with nature. Since I find it impossible to go back to bed once awake, I made the coffee and sat down to read the email.

Shortly before 8 AM, the Oil Company delivery woman arrived to fill the tank. She is so amazingly kind and makes a big fuss over the dogs. I really enjoy her.

This got Jack and me to think about how much we have spent on heating oil (also heats our hot water), and currently we have spent over $2000.00! Yes, when you see gasoline prices go up at the pumps you can be sure that home heating oil is a lot more expensive.

All this and we keep the heat between 65 degrees in my bedroom to 70 degrees in the family living area. We are careful with our use of the furnace and we make sure that it is well cleaned each year. Still, the bills pile up.

Getting plowed out is another big expense. Currently, we are about $1000.00 in the hole. It is getting very expensive to survive a winter living where we do.

I’d love to move into a much smaller home. With a short driveway that wouldn’t be so expensive to maintain.

Wednesday was beautiful and sunny and warm. If it could be like this every day until official Spring I would be so happy.

I sat outside for a little while and watched the birds swooping by and the smaller birds come to my feeders. Very soon I will need to bring the feeders in at night. The Bears may wake early this year!

Tomorrow I plan to take Arnie over to see his special friend, Rebecca. I stopped in at her shop today and the look on her face told me she feared that Arnie wasn’t well or had died. I quickly told her that the Prince was well, and I would bring him in soon.

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It’s All About..December 22nd

It’s all about getting your priorities straight!

It’s funny. People ask you what you might want for Christmas and honestly, I really don’t want a lot. When I was asked this recently, my response was:


It’s funny, but in my early sixties, I realize that time for me is starting to run out. If I am lucky, I will have 20+ years to enjoy. But since I have never been lucky, I will take it one day at a time.

What’s important in your life? What are the people or the things that make you happy, make your life worth living?

In this, my sixty-second year, I think I have finally figured it all out and gotten my priorities straight.

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It’s All About…

It’s All About…getting it done!

On Monday I woke with renewed energy. I cleaned out the fridge,  a long-overdue task, and made a list of the things I actually needed at the store. I think the best thing about the fridge cleaning was I identified exactly where the turkey cutlets I cooked two days ago were, as well as the mashed potatoes and green beans. Ta-da! Dinner for Monday night!

If I buy anything more for Christmas it will be for myself. Here we are on the 15th of December and I am done with shopping! Oh, thank you, Amazon and a few other stores I shopped at online!

With all that done early on, I turned to the laundry, which never seems to be really done in this house. It was bed changing day and I wanted to also run my leggings and tops that all need to be dried in my bathroom by hanging them up. No dryer for them.

The groceries needed to be purchased and off I went just before lunch. I breezed through the store and was back in plenty of time to make and eat lunch with Jack.

All in all, I was very busy and, it felt good to be back on my feet and getting things done. As I said, it was just a little cold!

I have big plans for Tuesday. I want to clean out my refrigerator freezer and begin work on my pantry organization!

And of course, there is the need to start wrapping. But I may put that off until Wednesday. I have a few more days to get that done.


It’s All About…Kindness

Long ago, during a car trip out to Ohio, I brought with me an actual paper filled notebook. Often I get ideas and I jot them down before they are lost in time.

It's All About

One idea that kept coming back to me was, “It’s All About…”

Certainly life is full of things that make the world go round, but sometimes I think we get lost and forget what “It’s All About.”

As we drove down highway 86 toward Cleveland, we were talking, listening to the radio and of course stopping periodically to use the restrooms.

One thing that made me both smile and frown was the way people, strangers, treated each other. Sometimes good, sometimes bad.

My grandmother always told me to smile and be kind. She said that you never knew when someone needed a lift and that your smile might be the only one they see all day.

Kindness comes in many shapes and forms. Being polite, stopping to help someone, or when a dining-room is full of all sorts of people attending reunions, sharing a table.

I’ve been on my own crusade since 9/11. Every time I am in a restaurant, an airport, or perhaps shopping, when I see a member of the military, I stop for one moment and thank them for their service.

Recently, I saw two old men, with their military company’s emblem on their hats. They were World War II soldiers. They were talking, both had canes and you could see that the years had been tough for them.

I went over and smiled broadly, and thanked them both. One of the men got quite misty, and they both thanked me.

My smiles and helpful ways are not limited to the military. I am always on the lookout for older people in the grocery store who cannot reach the top shelves. As I am 5 feet 8 inches tall, with long (monkey) arms, I can reach everything pretty easily.

Of course in these Covid-19 times it’s hard to smile at someone and have them actually see it. I may have to draw a smile on each paper mask I wear!

I swear, Kindness is contagious! And so are smiles. Just like my Grandma Honey always told me.

It’s All About…Kindness

It’s All About..What I Eat

Recently, a friend of mine, who lives at a distance asked me what I’ve been eating while in isolation, that has me losing weight?

December to April
My sister Mel & Me Christmas.  /  Me. Taken 2 days ago.

I’ve lost close to 36 pounds. It’s not always easy, but I am determined to get to my goal. I truly want to be the best me that I can.  I will detail it a bit for her and for you.

Before I get started I need to mention I am following the Weight Watchers (Green Plan). It’s the one plan where counting your points and weighing and measuring is important.

My favorite breakfast is my Banana Pancakes. It’s made with 2 tbs of Kodiak Pancake mix, 1/4 cup of egg whites, 1 tsp vanilla, 1 package of Splenda, a sprinkling of cinnamon, and 1 medium banana. Mix all together and cook in a frying pan that has been sprayed with non-stick spray.


I love this and it is my preferred main course at breakfast. I also eat fat-free yogurt and a mix of berries. The total points for this meal, and my coffee with fat-free creamer, is 5 points.

Lunch is mostly vegetables. My favorite veggie is Eggplant. Even during this isolation time, I have been able to get beautiful eggplant.


I roast it, and then have it with a garden salad.

I also drink copious amounts of herbal teas. Since I am not a fan of water, the herbal teas are nice.

My snacks are mostly fruit. I wrote about my love of Koru Apples and I am good for 1-2 of those a day.


Dinner (supper) is where I get a bit point heavy. Chicken, turkey, or fish tend to be lower in points (and favorites). I have pretty much given up pork, but really do enjoy a good steak. So, I eat beef once in about 10 days.

I will eat two veggies at dinner. Usually a freshly made vegetable, or a salad, with a leftover vegetable from the day before.

Dessert is a Yasso Frozen Yogurt Bar. Yummy!


Now here are a few things I don’t do. I pretty much have given up on carbs. I do not metabolize them like most people. If I do have anything, it’s perhaps a low carb/calorie bread to make a tuna sandwich. But pasta and potatoes and I just do not get along.

I am never hungry. If I do feel like eating then salads or apples give me the desired crunch!

I have great recipes that I fall back on, and every day I commit to making this new WW Plan work for me.

One thing is for sure. Eating the fresh fruit, vegetables, and healthy proteins have me feeling pretty darn good. I sleep better at night and actually have more energy during the day.


It’s All About…Taking Care of the Little Things

I went back to my Optometrist on Friday and my eye is healing very slowly. Due to that, I still have the special contact lens in and will return to see him on Monday at 12:30.

It’s really funny when I think of all the weird medical things that have been happening during the Pandemic.

All three dogs have had issues, my blasted eye, and Jack ran out of patio blocks and was threatening to go out in search of them until I found them three towns over.

So despite the fact that we are supposed to be sheltering at home, I certainly have been out quite a bit.

I have two things I need to handle next week. Two bits of stupidness. Two bills that never should have been sent. So on Monday, I will spend probably more time than I care to admit, being on the phone to handle these two bills.

I’m also thinking about getting an Air Fryer. Does anyone have one they like? Make and Models and a little about them would be greatly appreciated.

I hope you are having a great weekend!

32216247197_26de197829_o copy

It’s All About ~ Staying Safe

Monday morning dawned early and bright. I woke in a very good mood since I had planned out the systematic attack of all my duties for the day!


I walked the dogs, put out the bird feeders and then made my banana pancake. Have I mentioned my banana pancake? It’s so good and made with one mashed up banana, a little vanilla, 1/4 cup of egg whites and a teaspoon of Splenda. I mixed it all together and poured it into a preheated frying pan, that’s been sprayed with non-stick spray. OMG! So good!

After that, I pulled my two-tone hair into a little pony-tale and then put a kerchief on my head.

I packed up the car with the week’s recyclables and put on my country version of a Hazmat Suit, and off I went to get everything accomplished.

The Recycling Center was nearly deserted, so I breezed through and got it all deposited in the proper areas.

I came back to the car, removing my gloves and placing them in my trash bag. I then used hand sanitizer and drove the few miles to my local grocery store, where I carefully went through the shop, buying all we would need for the next 10 days. It was not cheap, but I try hard to plan everything out so I do not need to go out during the week.

As soon as I left the store I took off my gloves, deposited them in the trash, and used my hand sanitizer. (I left my mask on the entire time)

I drove to the Post Office and picked up a week’s worth of mail.  Once again I removed my gloves as I have been shown and deposited them in the trash. I then got out my Clorox wipes and wiped off the door handle, steering wheel, my hands, and the keys.

Coming home, I did my usual removal of clothes in the basement and showering before moving the food in and taking care to make sure it was properly handled

And I looked at the clock and it was 12:15 and I had managed to get it all done early! And I was exhausted! However, I felt pretty good about having accomplished so much, safely, in such a short time.

It brightened my spirits because I have started to feel like we will actually make it through this very scary time.

I’ve also learned that I am one tough cookie who can handle just about anything, and find my way through.


Laptop Woes

I woke up on Monday morning and started my day. It’s part of my morning routine to get my coffee, walk the dogs and then come in and check my email.

As I sat to look through my email, my laptop started doing weird things. It started to shut off all on its own, or disconnect from the Wifi. After the fourth or fifth time, I’d had it! Especially when attempting to do work on Dackel Princess. I’d be in the middle of something and then Bam! I would lose everything to the silly, stupid laptop!

When Jack got out of bed I told him that I want a new laptop. He started to hem and haw, but I told him to forget about it. He has had 2 laptops to my one. And I have had this current one since 2012. It is time for a new machine.

The Dackel Princess Reading her Mail

That being said, technology has changed. This found me reading and studying new gadgets and gizmos so I would know what I would need.


I decided that I needed to buy a machine to grow into. There are three Dell Computers that fit my needs at three different prices.

I need to toss out the top of the line, and probably the bottom and buy the middle. It needs to be soon as I believe that this problem will A. Drive me insane, and B. Eventually just plain die on me!

Wish me luck!

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