It’s All About…Heidi

I know I haven’t written about my favorite little fur baby in a while, but here we are, Heidi is 10 months old and she has become my constant companion. And trust me when I say, she almost never leaves my side.

Heidi is pretty much trained in all the household ways. I walk her on a leash, not because I think she would run off, but because it is my way of moving around with her.

I love to watch her prance. I swear to the good Lord above that the girl has a genuine Princess attitude!

Heidi will cuddle with Lili while I cook dinner. In the evenings, and while I sleep she is warmly safe in my lap.

Savannah and Heidi.

I have known this breed since 1995. They’re amazing dogs. But I also know that a pup of this quality doesn’t just happen.

I know that the breeder of Heidi, Gail, has spent years planning her litters and also teaching her dogs.

I am all for Rescue Dogs, but for me, back in 1995 when I met my first Rauhaardackel, I knew that this would be a lifelong commitment.

Heidi is registered with the AKC. I gave her the name of Heidi, but her professional name is “Boreas Happy Ending”.

2022-08-12-14-48-43-636Boreas Happy Ending ~ Heidi

So, thank you, Gail, for this wonderful, beautiful, loving, companion. I am more thankful than I could ever say.

Heidi Marie

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