The Friday Five ~ August 26th

Friday FiveWow, this week sure sped by for me. I feel that the summer is slipping by and soon the air will become crisp, as the leaves fall. So here are the things I am thinking about this week.

  1.  I had two appointments this week. One with a group of my friends to chit chat, and the other with my friend and hairdresser to style my hair. She did an awesome job!
  2. I finally finished watching all 15 seasons of ER. I started watching when I was struggling with round two of Covid. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.
  3. This week it was pleasantly quiet here in my town. No big traffic jams and no crowded stores. I’m sure this weekend will be crazy wild, as the end of the summer nears. Many people come up so they can close up their camps for the winter.
  4. Last night I was walking the dogs and Lili took off up the hill. Thankfully, I had Heidi on a leash and didn’t have to worry about her. I did worry that Lili would meet up with a porcupine or skunk and life would be instant chaos. Luckily, she came back in short order.
  5. This weekend is the usual. Laundry, cleaning and napping. Oh, how I love a good nap!


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