When It’s Not All Easy-Peasy

Remember last summer when we lost the Main Control System for our hot water and heating system? After many weeks, a new Control System was installed, and rather pricey it was too!

Fast forward to September 23rd when we woke to 42-degree temperatures outside, which lowered our home temperatures into the 60’s. Time to get the heat on so in the event that the temperature drops even more while we are gone, our House Sitter and the dogs do not freeze.

We were assured that these thermostats were the best and easiest to use. They certainly were pretty. At the time our outside temperatures were in the nineties, so after installation, the heating system was turned off.


We got out the instruction booklets and started to read. When your eyes cross and you start doubting the sanity of the person who designed these, your turn to the Internet and see what it has to say.

I saw several Youtube Videos and the one thing they all had in common, was frustrated users, who all agreed that this was not an easy thermostat to program!

They all warned of doing too much and getting locked out! And by almost unanimous vote, this device was hated by everyone who has it. Yikes!

Okay, I always function on the less is more belief, so I went over to the first thermostat and hit the mode button and the temperature we wanted flashed overhead. I toggled the + and – buttons to select the temperature we want and then I hit the mode button again as the word set was flashing above it.

I did this to the two other thermostats and then went down to the cellar to check on the furnace. Sure enough, the system was on and the zones calling for heat were illuminated.

Now I am no genius, and I really hope I did this correctly, but even I, who usually look at things and understand them, was confused by this device.

Should I ever have to replace a thermostat again I will go for an easy-peasy to operate one, that my two-year-old grandson could program. Heat should not be that difficult to figure out!

A Bit Of Everything

I used to travel a lot. Packing a suitcase and heading anywhere was nothing to me in the way of planning. Somehow, since I have not traveled for a while, the part of my brain that does all the preparations is a little slower than it used to be.


In the old days, (Berlin 2009) all that I needed fit into that green suitcase. I still have and use that suitcase, but now I have tote bags as well!

I already know I have over-packed. Since we are not flying, I can bring whatever I like, and I would be all set if I wanted to change my clothes three times a day.

Of course, this is silly, but I do like to have backups for any situation. And I am also bringing shoes to match.

You know I bet Princess Kate doesn’t bring this many clothes when she travels. Or perhaps she does. She always looks perfect for any and all situations.

Now it is not just me that I am packing for, but Jack as well. I asked him what he wanted packed, and after mumbling a few things he abrogated all responsibility for his suitcase. Ugh!

Jack did prepare the car today, and tomorrow we will finalize our packing. I would like to have the car completely packed on Monday afternoon so we can just relax a bit before the big drive.

Here is our route.

Our Trip2

Our house sitter came again today, and all is set with them. But in the year since they were here so much has changed. New air conditioners, new coffee maker, new toaster oven, etc. They jokingly said I needed to write instructions in a little book! Honestly, I think of all the little eccentricities of my house and the dogs living in it and I believe that the house sitter is correct!

It’s bedtime now on Saturday night,  so I will get this set to post in the morning and off to bed I go with my Arnie-man, pup!


Weekend Wrap

This last weekend I found myself starting to get back into the swing of things. I made the most awesome Apple Crisp, did some housework, and worked on some crocheting that I am doing. Friends stopped by to pick some apples, and help Jack in the yard with Autumn cleanup. And today, for the first time since September, Jack and I are driving to the closest Market Basket and doing a big shopping.

This coming week, I would like to take part of each day, to work de-cluttering part of one room, each day. I plan to start in the formal living room. It’s the living room we have, but honest to goodness, never use. I would like to get all the junk out of there, get it all vacuumed and dusted and then close the door. After that, the formal dining room is on our list. And if you guessed that we never use this room either, you would be right. But I want it de-cluttered and vacuumed and dusted and clean.

The third room to work on is the office. Mostly because I can see the contents of the living room and the dining room, ending up there. Then it will be time for me to make the big decision about what gets thrown out.

Over the winter Jack and I want to clean the basement and get it all organized too. Both of us figure it is just time to  de-clutter and get the house in order.

Next spring I would like to get the inside of the house painted and so all this cleaning has a purpose.

I hope you all have a wonderful week.