Weekend Wrap

This last weekend I found myself starting to get back into the swing of things. I made the most awesome Apple Crisp, did some housework, and worked on some crocheting that I am doing. Friends stopped by to pick some apples, and help Jack in the yard with Autumn cleanup. And today, for the first time since September, Jack and I are driving to the closest Market Basket and doing a big shopping.

This coming week, I would like to take part of each day, to work de-cluttering part of one room, each day. I plan to start in the formal living room. It’s the living room we have, but honest to goodness, never use. I would like to get all the junk out of there, get it all vacuumed and dusted and then close the door. After that, the formal dining room is on our list. And if you guessed that we never use this room either, you would be right. But I want it de-cluttered and vacuumed and dusted and clean.

The third room to work on is the office. Mostly because I can see the contents of the living room and the dining room, ending up there. Then it will be time for me to make the big decision about what gets thrown out.

Over the winter Jack and I want to clean the basement and get it all organized too. Both of us figure it is just time to  de-clutter and get the house in order.

Next spring I would like to get the inside of the house painted and so all this cleaning has a purpose.

I hope you all have a wonderful week.

One thought on “Weekend Wrap”

  1. Sounds like lots of work! However, that is the best use of this dark and cold time of year. Happy decluttering! When you’re done, come to my house please 😉

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