Here, There, & Everywhere!

I raced around on Monday, as I had two appointments, both incredibly important and yet very close together. The first was with my hair stylist. What can I say? Almost any women will tell you that their monthly meetings with the hair stylist is at the top of their list of important things to do. And so it was with me. High noon!

My stylist worked feverishly fast, but some things take time, and I was out the door at 1:30 PM, headed to my next appointment, which was with my Primary Care Doctor. I raced to that, through the rain and fog, and was only 5 minutes late. Good thing he was running late too!

Since recovering from the flu, (and yes, he said it was the flu) I have one ear that is totally stopped up. Not infected, but the Eustachian Tube in my left ear is blocked. Giving me poor hearing and an altered state of understanding what people are saying to me. After all the probing, I now have an ear ache, which is just thrilling, (Not!).

So for now I am on two different nasal sprays, and if I am not better by Friday and appointment will be made with the Ear, Nose and Throat Doctors.

Meanwhile, as promised I went into the formal living room, and removed 4 boxes and actually threw out three things, and set aside a large bag of clothes to go to the charity shop! A great start!

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