A Fresh Cup

Well, we knew it was going to happen, it was just a matter of time.

In the last 3 years Kitchen Aid has replaced our coffee maker, which was under warranty, 3 times. Each time the machine died, it was well under the one year warranty, and a new one was sent to us. This machine made good coffee, and we liked it. However, we didn’t like the fact that it would only work for 6-9 months and then it would go kaput!

The last time it died we talked it over and decided that “when” it died again, we would simply begin the hunt for a new coffee maker. The trouble is, we like a lot of coffee, and always buy a 14 cup coffee maker. Those are hard to find, at least a good one is.

Since the exchange of pots always took a little time, we went out to Walmart and got a $25.00 Black and Decker Coffee Maker. The only trouble is, it only makes 12 cups.

Now the good news is, this cheapo pot, actually makes a fairly decent cup of coffee. I told Jack that I didn’t mind making two pots of coffee if needed, but I was tired of paying big bucks for machines that died in under a year.

So for now we are drinking coffee made in the cheapo pot, and actually enjoying it. I’m not in any hurry to rush out, spend a lot of money for a pot that gives us just two more cups. Maybe we have reached a time in our lives when we don’t need all that much coffee. Or maybe we are just tired of trying to find just the right pot!

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  1. There is definitely something wrong with a model that breaks three times in three years. Hope you have better luck with the new one.

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