The day after Christmas found me standing in the kitchen again, asking the age old question…”What’s to eat?”


Why am I back on the prowl? Well, after just one day of breaking training (my diet) my body responded by craving sugar once again! Pitiful really, but it just proves that sugar is like a drug to me and I best keep away from it!

So, I went back to my regular, no sugar eating plan today, and I am determined to stay this way. Sugar-free if you will!

Now, I did enjoy my Stollen on Christmas, delicious as it was, and because of the bad tooth, I did use a little Rum, medicinally. That tooth, whichever one it is, was surely bothering me!

I received a phone call this morning from my dentist’s secretary. I’d left a message on their machine on Christmas Eve, and she called me to find out what the problem was. She immediately made an appointment for me to see him in the morning. Thank you so much, Sandra!

The Insurance Adjuster came by to see our roof. Have I mentioned that in the windstorm last week, the cap on part of the roof blew off? Well, yes, and thankfully we had waterproofing done until after the first of the year when repairs will be made.

Both Jack and I went to get the mail, my new Real ID License arrived (15 days after I applied), and then we both took naps. We’re still tired, but at least our little naps helped some.

So as the day after Christmas comes to a close, I need to plan a few low carb meals and think of how we can celebrate New Year’s Eve without me breaking training.



Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen

Today’s Thursday Thirteen will revolve around 13 of my favorite things to eat right now. I’ve discovered a few things and I sure have been enjoying this guilt free eating!

  1. Grilled Summer Squash, Zucchini and Eggplant from my garden. Toss it with a little olive oil, chop up a sweet onion with it, and grill until all of them are caramelized! Oh just total yumminess!
  2. I have been eating pop-chips in a barbecue flavor because that’s what Weight Watcher’s had. Then they ran out, and I was in the grocery store and discovered, Sea Salt and Vinegar Pop Chips! OMG!


    This is nirvana! The best chip of all. 22 chips for 2 points!!!

  3. Fiber One Fat Free Cottage Cheese with fruit. I remember back in my youth turning my nose up at cottage cheese, but Fiber One makes theirs so creamy and good. It makes me a happy girl!
  4. Bacon. I know, you are all saying bacon? But yes, I can have 1 slice of bacon for 1 point at breakfast, which means that I can have a slice of bacon and an egg for three points! That sounds good to me!
  5. Bacon again. I love BLT’s and now that I can eat 1 or 2 slices of cooked bacon, I can make an awesome Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato sandwich!
  6. Potato Salad. I’ve got this recipe almost fine tuned. Stay tuned for a recipe, but it is really good!
  7. I love ice cream and find that the Weight Watchers Dark Chocolate Raspberry ice cream bar is the best!
  8. A wonderful salad of mixed greens, goat cheese, strawberries and spiced almonds! Need I say more!
  9. My very own, go out in the yard and pick a peach off the tree and bite! I was checking on them today and it won’t be long until they’re ready!
  10. Hot-dogs. I can eat fat free Ballpark Franks as they have only 1 point per hot-dog! I buy the lo-fat rolls and a hot-dog and roll is only 3 points!
  11. When I get back from my trip I want to take the turkey out of my freezer and thaw and cook it up! I sure love turkey!!!
  12. Lemonade. This summer I have been making my own lemonade with generic splenda. It is so refreshing and good, that even Hubby is drinking it!
  13. A Burger! I had my first really honest and truly hamburger a couple of weeks back. After three and a half years on Weight Watchers, I really do not eat hamburgers at all anymore. All I can say about that is…Mmmmmmmm!

The Foods We Eat

Gattina over at Writer’s Cramps asked the question, “How do you do your grocery shopping? Since I know that many countries do their shopping differently, I decided to write about how I shop now, and how I have shopped in the past.

When Hubby and I first married I did a big shopping once a week and then filled in with things during the week. We lived outside of town and it was quite a ride to get to the nearest grocery store.

When we moved to Germany, I shopped every day. Our fridge was tiny, so I just didn’t have room for much. In Germany this was quite common back in 1989. I really enjoyed this because I always felt like I was getting things very fresh and this was nice. I especially love the bread in Germany. Simply the best ever.


Seriously. The best bread in the world…made in Germany!

Later on, we moved to Florida. At that time, Hubby was flying three or four days a week and so I was home a lot by myself. I didn’t cook. I ate frozen diet TV dinners. I shopped every few days, but food held no real thrill for me.

When Hubby retired and we returned to New Hampshire, I began to cook again in earnest, which meant that my shopping habits changed. I shopped once a week again, and started to cook great extravagant meals. Oh I loved cooking lasagnas and casseroles, and cakes and cookies! Yum!

Right up until Hubby developed diabetes and I hit my high weight level. Then I had to relearn, to manage mealtimes, for his diabetes and my Weight Watchers meal plans.

I started shopping for pantry items once per week and buying my meats, chicken and fish once per week. Then twice a week I will supplement with fruit and vegetables. There are times I shop every two weeks to use up what I already have.

In the summer I eat what I grow or what I can get at the local farm stands.

August 22 018

I love fresh vegetables. Don’t you?

So how do you shop for the food you eat? Has it changed over the years? Are you eating fresher food now or more packaged foods?

I always read the sale flier and try to plan meals around what is cheap that week. I also stock up on chicken and beef when they are on sale. How about you?

I wish I lived closer to a good fresh vegetable market, but that only happens in the summer when the farm stands open in our town. Other than that I must drive 20 miles to the nearest, good grocery store.

What do you like and dislike about grocery shopping? What is your favorite time of year to shop? Do you utilize your local farm stands and farmer’s markets?

A Carrot Anyone?

The dackels have been watching me.

Why, you might ask? Well, I decided after the German Judge criticized Anneliese that perhaps all three of my dackels were a bit over weight. So I weighed them. Ah, well, let’s just say, I’m a good doggy cook.

So their diet immediately started. I got them some special diet canned food, and then I cut back on how much they are allowed to eat of the crunchies. Greta and Anneliese are not big crunchy fans, so they have been doing very well. I also stopped all plate scraps for them. Fritz, the lucky devil, gets it all. Slowly, they are both losing weight. Even Arnie is starting to look a little better.

I want to get Greta back to 18-19 pounds, Arnie at 18 and Anneliese down to 16-16 1/2 pounds. Fritz? Well let’s just say that the boy needs to maintain the weight he has and even put on a bit as he is very slender. But the boy runs and runs and runs and I can hardly keep the weight on him.

The dackels? Well, as I said they are following me everywhere. Watching, hoping, for a little cookie or treat. What do they get? Carrots! Luckily they love the baby carrots and are happy for those.

Oh I can truly relate to them. Today is my Weight Watchers meeting and I am really hoping for a good weight loss. I sure have been working hard and measuring every little thing that has gone into my mouth.

What can I say? Food is food, be it people food or doggy food, and we are all subject to putting on a little spare tire, aren’t we?

Thursday 13 #63


Thirteen Foods I’m Enjoying On Weight Watchers

1. Grapefruit. We got a box from my friend in Florida for Christmas and just finished the last of it today. Oh, it was sooooo good!

2. Oranges. Especially the navel ones with no seeds.

3. My super salads with tuna or chicken. They are so crunchy!

4. The fish I’m eating, from tuna to salmon. I do love fish.

5. Potatoes. Yes, I can eat small amounts of potatoes and I am really liking that. So many diets tell you not to eat any potatoes and then I miss them terribly.

6. Eggplant. This is pretty much a free vegetable and I roast it in the oven and eat! Oh I do love that.

7. Yogurt. I try to snack on one of these each day. The Weight Watcher brand ones are great and only 1 point!

8. My tuna sandwich. I make it with a 7 grain light bread and 1/2 a cup of tuna and fat free mayo it is easy and “normal”.

9. My Cream of Wheat mixed with banana chunks. I sprinkle a little splenda on that and the milk and it’s a nice warm way to start the day.

10. The pasta! There are so many good pasta recipes on the Weight Watcher Web Site and all the ones that we’ve tried have been good.

11. The Chili. It’s amazingly spicy and Hubby loves it. I can make it with ground turkey and no salt, so it’s very healthy!

12. The ice cream. Yes, I can have various WW ice creams and they’re just 2 points. Pretty good. Especially the chocolate ones.

13. These new things they have called Peanut Butter Bliss Bars! OMG! I have gone to Heaven with these! They give me my chocolate fix and they really do not taste like diet food at all.

Thursday Thirteen

Nov 24 015

My Favorite Perfect Lunch

1. Lettuce. Shredded into bite size pieces.
2. Cucumber. Peeled and sliced into bite size chunks.
3. 2 slices of deli roast beef or deli turkey, rolled up and sliced.
4. 1 ounce of cheddar cheese cut into match sticks.
5. 1 Roma tomato cut into bite size pieces.
6. 1 wedge of green pepper cut into match sticks.
7. 1/2 a stalk of celery sliced thinly
8. Red salad onion, sliced thin. As much or as little as you’d like.
9. 6-8 large Calamata olives. (the ones with pits are the best.)
10. Low Carb. Ranch dressing drizzled over the top.
11. One large glass of water with your meal.
12. A cup of hot tea afterwards
13. A small dish of sugar free Jell-O.

It’s Just Not Right

Okay, I have been on my diet for three days. Three full days! So how come I am not 10 pounds lighter already? It seems to me that all the struggle, all the work preparing these vegetable laden and healthy meals, would also aid in my weight loss. How come when you eat wildly, you gain weight overnight, but when you are good and eat in a dieter’s fashion, then you don’t lose the same way?
It’s just not right!
Today I actually got up and did some of that horrible stuff I have mentioned before.
I exercised!
I am not what you would call lazy, but I just hate to sweat and when you exercise you sweat. Yuck. However, today I decided to brave the gawkers and go to the town beach to swim.
I put on my swim suit, the one I bought because is holds my tummy in, my boobs up and doesn’t make my bottom look like the back end of a “wide load” truck! In other words, it hides things pretty well.
I went down with my neighbor and her family and paddled around and around and around for almost an hour. No sweating there, right?
I knew that all this “work” had to have paid off with a big weight loss.
I rushed home and ran into the house and jumped on the scale. No change!
Oh, of course, I needed to take off the bathing suit. It’s wet and probably weighs ten pounds, right? So I started to take off the suit. The spandex that I loved so much an hour ago, was now like sprayed on latex that would not budge. I shimmied and shook and I sucked in my stomach. No go. About the time I was thinking I would have to either sleep in this thing or have Hubby cut me out of it, I found that rolling it down, worked.
By the time I got the stupid thing off, I forgot about weighing myself and just dressed in my shorts and left the room.
It’s just not right.

Oh Woe Is The Fat Lady!!!

Well, here we go again.
I was getting ready for a picnic yesterday when I found that my cute, summer shorts were too tight. My first thought was, “How’d these shrink?”
After deciding to have my dryer heat settings checked, I pulled on a pair of stretchy all purpose shorts. These are my fall back ones. They always fit, never shrink and can be worn anywhere.
I finished preparing for my day, loaded all the food into the car and off we went.
I felt good, comfortable and we had a great time, but when I downloaded my pictures onto the laptop I saw this strange woman in them. She was sitting in my comfortable shorts, with my hair and glasses, but this woman, this chubby woman, couldn’t possibly be me!
I went into the bathroom stripping off my clothes as I went. I stepped on the scales and I swear I heard groaning! (My own, perhaps?)
“I don’t weigh that much!” I screamed, “Surely it’s all the iced tea I drank today!”
I came out and asked Hubby, “Do I look fat?”
He looked at me with real fear in his eyes. He stumbled, he stuttered, and smartly, he did not answer me.
So, what now, I wondered? I knew even before I finished the question.
It’s back onto the diet wagon. The one I fell off of last January. The one I tried to climb back onto, and fell off of again and again this spring.
So why stay on the diet this time? It’s easy. You see, aside from these ugly, all purpose, shrink resistant shorts, all I have to wear is my underwear and a pair of raggedy pajamas!
It’s a good thing I planted my garden of vegetables, because it’s all I’ll be eating for a while!
Oh woe is the fat lady!


And The Scale Says…

The first few days were tough on this diet, but today, one week from the start, I weighed in.
I’m a little surprised, but of course this is just the boost I need mentally to keep me going. The funny thing is, I have eaten three good meals a day. I’ve had snacks in between meals and I really haven’t felt hungry (aside from that first day, when we went out to eat with friends and I didn’t get enough to eat and felt starved).
So I am feeling good, and though I know I won’t lose this amount of weight each week, I do know that I’m headed in the right direction.
I’m thinking bikini by July?
(Do you hear hysterical laughter here?)

Eating Lettuce

There I was. Day one on my diet and what do I have to do? Go out to dinner, at my all time favorite restaurant, Canoe!!! How would I get through the evening without spoiling my first day back on my diet? Certainly there were things I could order that would keep me legal, but oh, their lobster salad roll with sweet potato fries are to die for! How could I pass that by?
We arrived at the restaurant and sat down with our friends. The waiter recited the list of specials (all sounding wonderful and very fattening!), and I started silently talking to myself.
You can’t have that! There’s like a gazillion calories in that!”
Not that entree, it’s got more carbs in it than ten loaves of bread!”
I might as well do myself in now, because if I eat that, there’s another ten pounds, easy!”
Finally Hubby said he’d like to share the muscles appetizer with someone and I volunteered. Muscles sautéed in garlic, onions and wine! That’s on my diet.
Then I needed to order one more thing to have for my dinner. What to get, what to get? I stammered, I stuttered and then I did the RIGHT thing. I ordered the iceberg lettuce wedge with blue cheese, tomatoes and bacon bits. It was delicious and kept me on my diet.
I left the restaurant feeling happy, but hungry. I still feel hungry. Shoot I just hate that!
You all may be wondering what Hubby had for his dinner besides the muscles? Veal Parmesan and Ziti! A huge plate of Veal Parmesan and Ziti! Big, fattening, delicious Veal Parmesan with Ziti!!!
Needless to say, he is not hungry at all.