Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen

Today’s Thursday Thirteen will revolve around 13 of my favorite things to eat right now. I’ve discovered a few things and I sure have been enjoying this guilt free eating!

  1. Grilled Summer Squash, Zucchini and Eggplant from my garden. Toss it with a little olive oil, chop up a sweet onion with it, and grill until all of them are caramelized! Oh just total yumminess!
  2. I have been eating pop-chips in a barbecue flavor because that’s what Weight Watcher’s had. Then they ran out, and I was in the grocery store and discovered, Sea Salt and Vinegar Pop Chips! OMG!


    This is nirvana! The best chip of all. 22 chips for 2 points!!!

  3. Fiber One Fat Free Cottage Cheese with fruit. I remember back in my youth turning my nose up at cottage cheese, but Fiber One makes theirs so creamy and good. It makes me a happy girl!
  4. Bacon. I know, you are all saying bacon? But yes, I can have 1 slice of bacon for 1 point at breakfast, which means that I can have a slice of bacon and an egg for three points! That sounds good to me!
  5. Bacon again. I love BLT’s and now that I can eat 1 or 2 slices of cooked bacon, I can make an awesome Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato sandwich!
  6. Potato Salad. I’ve got this recipe almost fine tuned. Stay tuned for a recipe, but it is really good!
  7. I love ice cream and find that the Weight Watchers Dark Chocolate Raspberry ice cream bar is the best!
  8. A wonderful salad of mixed greens, goat cheese, strawberries and spiced almonds! Need I say more!
  9. My very own, go out in the yard and pick a peach off the tree and bite! I was checking on them today and it won’t be long until they’re ready!
  10. Hot-dogs. I can eat fat free Ballpark Franks as they have only 1 point per hot-dog! I buy the lo-fat rolls and a hot-dog and roll is only 3 points!
  11. When I get back from my trip I want to take the turkey out of my freezer and thaw and cook it up! I sure love turkey!!!
  12. Lemonade. This summer I have been making my own lemonade with generic splenda. It is so refreshing and good, that even Hubby is drinking it!
  13. A Burger! I had my first really honest and truly hamburger a couple of weeks back. After three and a half years on Weight Watchers, I really do not eat hamburgers at all anymore. All I can say about that is…Mmmmmmmm!

6 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen”

  1. It all sounds good to me, but I can’t have the lemonade, it causes sores in my mouth. UGH! I never, hardly ever eat bacon. I love the veggies from the garden though and the peaches sound great! Love YOU, Mel

  2. I wish we would have all those Weight Watchers products over here. For sure I´d start on their diet. But alas….we have to make our own. 🙁 Those chips really do sound to die for. You know my favorite are Salt and Vinegar!

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