It’s Just Not Right

Okay, I have been on my diet for three days. Three full days! So how come I am not 10 pounds lighter already? It seems to me that all the struggle, all the work preparing these vegetable laden and healthy meals, would also aid in my weight loss. How come when you eat wildly, you gain weight overnight, but when you are good and eat in a dieter’s fashion, then you don’t lose the same way?
It’s just not right!
Today I actually got up and did some of that horrible stuff I have mentioned before.
I exercised!
I am not what you would call lazy, but I just hate to sweat and when you exercise you sweat. Yuck. However, today I decided to brave the gawkers and go to the town beach to swim.
I put on my swim suit, the one I bought because is holds my tummy in, my boobs up and doesn’t make my bottom look like the back end of a “wide load” truck! In other words, it hides things pretty well.
I went down with my neighbor and her family and paddled around and around and around for almost an hour. No sweating there, right?
I knew that all this “work” had to have paid off with a big weight loss.
I rushed home and ran into the house and jumped on the scale. No change!
Oh, of course, I needed to take off the bathing suit. It’s wet and probably weighs ten pounds, right? So I started to take off the suit. The spandex that I loved so much an hour ago, was now like sprayed on latex that would not budge. I shimmied and shook and I sucked in my stomach. No go. About the time I was thinking I would have to either sleep in this thing or have Hubby cut me out of it, I found that rolling it down, worked.
By the time I got the stupid thing off, I forgot about weighing myself and just dressed in my shorts and left the room.
It’s just not right.

7 thoughts on “It’s Just Not Right”

  1. I was laughing so hard reading this because I DO THE SAME THING! i assume that if i can put 4 pounds on in one day that they should come off the next day…haha!

  2. You’re funny! Hehehe

    Don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re doing a great thing for your health. You’ll see/feel results even if the scale doesn’t. He’s always a little slow and a fibber.

  3. You are so funny! and so right: it’s just not right, there is some logic missing… I look a lot better fully dressed than wearing a swimming suit…so I haven’t been much out, it’s too hot *sigh* And I have been avoiding the scale!! happy friday!

  4. I swear if I didn’t eat for a week I wouldn’t lose any weight. I hate exercise too. In the spring/fall and some of winter I’ll walk but……that’s it!!

  5. Well, congrats on 3 days in to your diet, and on getting a little bit of exercise. Swimming is great, whole body exercise, and you’re right, doesn’t make you feel sweaty, so a great option! I will be playing volleyball and softball over the weekend, and am sure to be a sweaty mess for both! Hope you have a great day!

  6. lol had to giggle at this one.. been there done that etc etc.

    You know, sometimes when I’ve showered, I jump on the scales and if I haven’t lost any weight I convince myself it must be because my hair’s still wet.. must weigh a ton, right? lol


  7. I hear you – I am not a big exercise fan. Maybe if you take your wet bathing suit on and off a bunch of times that will count as exercise!!

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