Thursday 13 #63


Thirteen Foods I’m Enjoying On Weight Watchers

1. Grapefruit. We got a box from my friend in Florida for Christmas and just finished the last of it today. Oh, it was sooooo good!

2. Oranges. Especially the navel ones with no seeds.

3. My super salads with tuna or chicken. They are so crunchy!

4. The fish I’m eating, from tuna to salmon. I do love fish.

5. Potatoes. Yes, I can eat small amounts of potatoes and I am really liking that. So many diets tell you not to eat any potatoes and then I miss them terribly.

6. Eggplant. This is pretty much a free vegetable and I roast it in the oven and eat! Oh I do love that.

7. Yogurt. I try to snack on one of these each day. The Weight Watcher brand ones are great and only 1 point!

8. My tuna sandwich. I make it with a 7 grain light bread and 1/2 a cup of tuna and fat free mayo it is easy and “normal”.

9. My Cream of Wheat mixed with banana chunks. I sprinkle a little splenda on that and the milk and it’s a nice warm way to start the day.

10. The pasta! There are so many good pasta recipes on the Weight Watcher Web Site and all the ones that we’ve tried have been good.

11. The Chili. It’s amazingly spicy and Hubby loves it. I can make it with ground turkey and no salt, so it’s very healthy!

12. The ice cream. Yes, I can have various WW ice creams and they’re just 2 points. Pretty good. Especially the chocolate ones.

13. These new things they have called Peanut Butter Bliss Bars! OMG! I have gone to Heaven with these! They give me my chocolate fix and they really do not taste like diet food at all.

9 thoughts on “Thursday 13 #63”

  1. I will have to work some of the things from your list in to my plan! I need to do a grocery shopping, so will pick some of these up. Some of the things I have been enjoying on my diet: South Beach Peanut Butter Choc Chip bars (the only ones that don’t taste cardboard-ish–lol), WATER, Special K cereal bars, pineapple slices with cottage cheese, salad (with fruit and chicken), fish…. I’m so excited to have lost 7 lbs–very motivating to keep it going! I think I will be the “biggest loser of the week” of my girlfriends!! 🙂

  2. My favorite low point pasta meal. I do a cup of whole wheat fusilli pasta, 1/2 a package of frozen spinach, 1/4 cup light mozz (or 2% italian mix via craft), 1/4 cup nonfat ricotta, 1/2 cup pasta sauce. It’s like 7 points and the best dinner !

  3. Sounds very yummy, almost the same what I eat too but not from Weight Watchers, lol . Fortunately I hate Mayo and my men too so I never have it at home.

  4. I love weight watchers. I have lots of little snacks that don’t cost too many points (I’m pregnant now but as soon as I have the baby-I will go right back to it)
    Boca Burgers are awesome and were only like one point
    You could have about 16-18 pieces of sliced turkey pepperoni for only about 2 points. Good Luck

  5. I’d survive with only the grapefruit and the potato. Two of my favorites.

    In Scotland they had the most delicious grapefruit segments in a sugar syrup in the mornings that we both just LOVE. We can’t find them here in Sweden, just the fruits 🙁

    ..and potato, the Swedes favorite. There are so many dishes to make from potato. Simply yummy.

    In South America, they had Manioka instead of potatoes, which is very similar, so I was happy 🙂

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