Thursday Thirteen ~ February 11th

Nov 24 015

It has been so long since I have done a Thursday Thirteen that I thought I would sit down and write about my morning. Because, in the end, It made me laugh.

  1. I was putting the dishes away while unloading the dishwasher, and I noted that one of my Pampered Chef Air Fryer racks was missing.RP1084-lg
  2. This was concerning because Jack has been helping me by unloading the dishwasher in the morning before I get up. This is something new, and I appreciate the help, but now I was worried about where he might have put the rack.
  3. I didn’t want to hurt Jack’s feelings by asking him and if I do, usually an argument will happen afterward.
  4. So I started my hunt. I checked out where I store my wire baking cooling racks. No, go.
  5. Then I went through all the pots and pans and did not find it there either.
  6. I checked the bottom of my range where I store cookie sheets. I went through each sheet checking for it.
  7. I looked under the cabinet drawers and in the bottom of the drawers. I also checked the towel drawer.
  8. I was starting to worry that Jack may have put it somewhere only to never see the light of day again!
  9. I decided to check crazy places, like the liquor cabinet, the heavy mix-master cabinet, and even the cabinet with the wine glasses and beer glasses. I even used a super flashlight to check every nook and cranny!
  10. As much as I hated to, I knew I needed to ask Jack and see if he remembered where he had placed them.
  11. He said he had never seen the rack and when he comes across something he is unsure of where it belongs, he leaves it on our center island.
  12. I decided not to argue. I would order a new shelf for $13.00 and just let it go.
  13. I turned with the one rack I did have and went over to the Air Fryer and opened the door and placed the rack inside. That was when I glanced to my right and saw the blasted rack sitting in the bar sink, right where I’d placed it a few days ago!  I’d removed that rack after preheating the air fryer, and it was hot and I tossed the rack in the sink, then set about cooking the meal!

I was full of true heartfelt apologies to Jack! I felt terrible about the entire thing! So, I am now 62 and losing my mind. Actually, I think I have just had so much on my mind, that putting the rack in the sink simply slipped my mind! A Senior Moment? Perhaps.

At least that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!

A Random Thursday Thirteen

Nov 24 015
Back when I first began writing Dackel Princess each week I did a Thursday Thirteen. I was new to Blogging, and finding things to write about in this format was easy. I think people probably got to know me and the pups pretty well.

I haven’t done one in a while because I didn’t think I would have much to say. Then I thought I would do it and make it all random, so that really, none of this is connected to anything.

It’s a little bit how my brain has been functioning during this whole Pandemic thing!

So here we go. Thirteen Things on my mind, that have nothing to do with each other.

  1. I wish you could all see how excited Anneliese gets when I bring her food dish in and set it down. She leaps in the air and dances around. It’s the cutest thing in the world!
  2. I have this flock of blackbirds and starlings that have discovered my bird feeders. They empty the suet feeders every day. I have feeders that make it difficult for them, and I will start using those exclusively.
  3. I’m becoming an expert on Airline Accidents. In my efforts to avoid the news, I’ve been watching “Air Disasters” on Smithsonian TV and it is amazing how the experts figure out what went wrong.
  4. I was chopping vegetables for my lunchtime salad and since I knew I was making a Stir-Fry for dinner, I decided to cut those vegetables up then too. So dinner is actually nearly prepared.
  5. I vacuumed today. One of my least favorite jobs to do. Why? Well, it seems like I just get it done, and then Lili sneezes and the house is covered with her hair once again!
  6. I need to pay my Town Taxes and my Mailbox Fee tomorrow.
  7. Do any of you rewatch movies that you liked because it’s nice to have friendly noise in the background? I will put on a movie like “Sleepless in Seattle”.sleeplessI have seen the movie a million times, and I don’t really have to pay attention, but as it plays softly in the room it’s comforting.
  8. I’ve decided to get an Air Fryer. I think it will be fun and of course not using any oil, helps me with my diet. I am still researching.
  9. I ordered new sheets from Amazon. In the reviews, a person wrote that when she took them out of their packaging the smell was awful. So she had to wash them twice. But she wrote, they are great sheets. Well, they came and I brought them down to wash and I opened the package and OH, MY, GOSH!!!It smelled horrid! I got them in the wash, with detergent, a deodorizer, and a fabric softener. I ran a heavy cycle in warm water and did a soak with the deodorizer. The end result was good and the sheets are ready to go on the bed!
  10. I ordered the cutest mouse pad for my armchair. It arrived and wow is it great.61fSXvi5aYL._SY180_
    However, Jack liked it and so I gave it to him and ordered another for myself. They’re USA made by a woman in South Carolina and you can guess why we both loved them.
  11. I love having a satellite dish, but occasionally, like right now, we lose reception due to heavy rain.
  12. I tried a new Frozen Yogurt Pop called “Fudge Brownie”.
    All I can say about that is that it does not taste like “Diet Food” at all. But I also promised myself not to buy that one too often, as it was just too good!
  13. On Wednesday a dear friend was feeling low. I stepped outside of myself and my own sadness and I think hope I helped her. She is such a sweetheart and I understand her feelings and wanted to be there for her, even if it was just in a little way.

So there you go. 13 unrelated things happening around me or in my head.

Thursday Thirteen

Nov 24 015As predicted my Wednesday was a long, busy day. So, this week I thought I would do a Thursday Thirteen. Here we go!

  1. I woke up far too early on Wednesday. 5 AM! I wanted to go back to sleep, but my nerves got me, and I got up.
  2. Although I do not eat or drink anything until after my weigh-in, I made the coffee and sat down to catch up on my email and Facebook.
  3. I wanted to watch “This Is Us” on-demand, but I didn’t quite have enough time, so I put it off until Wednesday night.
  4. Eventually, I showered and dressed, made my breakfast, put it in the thermos and by 7:45 I was out the door.
  5. I arrived at WW Class. I am almost always the first one with the exception of the woman who weighs us in, Tami.
  6. As you can see I have done very well for the month of January.
    I am so proud of all my hard work. Losing weight is not easy, but if you really work on it, it can be done!
  7. After class, I felt like I was walking on air, and I did a little grocery shopping and then came home. I didn’t have a lot of time to kill, but just enough so I could make take-along lunches for Jack and me.
  8. We drove down to Manchester, NH and after a series of about six turns, we arrived at Dr. H.’s Office.
  9. I was put through a series of preliminary tests, a complete medical history was taken, and then I was led into another exam room where I met with Dr. H.
  10. She is an amazing doctor, and she did a complete exam before ordering a “Field of Vision” and a picture of my “Optic Nerve“.
  11. After those tests, I was shown into her other office, and she completed the exam and then went over the results.
  12. I have Intra-Ocular Hypertension. It is the beginning of Glaucoma. So far the tests indicate that my “Optic Nerve” looks okay, and the “Field of Vision” was close to normal. I am starting drops and hopefully, this will bring my pressures down (currently they are 26 in each eye) and I can avoid any other problems.
  13. I go back in one month for a recheck, and it is hoped that the daily drops will do the trick. All in all, the day was busy, but with only really positive results!

32216247197_26de197829_o copy

Thursday Thirteen

Nov 24 015

Thirteen Things I Think About.

  1. I saw a sneaker on the side of the road. I wondered…where is the other one? Is there a man or woman walking around with only one sneaker?
  2. Why do people enter the roadway in front of you, and then slow down? I wondered at this today when I had no car behind me and yet a young man roared in front of me from a side road and then slowed down to a snail’s pace?
  3. Why do Wild Turkeys always seem to gather near the edge of roads? Are they trying to get hit?
  4. Why do Tornados seem to head for and hit Mobile Home Parks?
  5. How does dust settle on my tables, shelves etc, mere moments after I dust them?
  6. My “Crow Proof” bird feeder isn’t exactly crow proof.
    Those little buggers fly up, grab some suet, fall off and go right back and try again. It’s provided Jack and me with endless moments of entertainment!
  7. My little Downey Woodpecker comes by to visit each day.
    P6250024 (2)
    By this, I mean he actually comes to feed when I am standing outside or seated at our little patio table. He almost seems to know me and trust me. I just love this!
  8. There is a Fox in our neighborhood. We’re all a bit nervous. The last fox taken into custody was Rabid. So we’re watching the pooches carefully.
  9. I finally got tired of seeing Arnie’s ears all but dragging on the ground! So I picked him up and gave his ears a good trim!

    I still need to work the stripping comb on him. He has such a thick and luxurious coat, that needs thinning and stripping, that is for sure.

  10. What am I making for dinner tonight? After such a long day I would hate to cook a big meal, knowing I still have no dishwasher and will need to wash, dry and put away all the dishes I make! Ugh!
  11. I need to get paid more. Besides doing the cooking, dishes, cleaning, and laundry, I have another title…Nurse! Jack fell again today and cut himself in three places. After cleaning the wounds, I bandaged them up. Yup, add Nurse to my job description!
  12. I’m struggling with WW. There I have said it! I try and I get through breakfast and I’m doing well and then at 10 o’clock I want to eat. Ugh! I will not give up.
  13. And lastly, today I saw a company moving one of those huge water tanks. You know, the ones you see in towns up on stilts? Anyway, the flatbed truck had it strapped down, and it took up two entire lanes. Four State Police vehicles with lights were guiding the way as well as two outriding company trucks. I have never seen anything that large on a public highway! I was driving and I couldn’t take a picture. But here is a water-tank very close to what I saw on the flatbed.

water-towerThe cone-shaped top was not there, just the large cylindrical capsule. It got off the road in Rochester. I wish I could have followed it for a while.

Thursday Thirteen For May 2, 2019

Wednesday was a great day for catching a few pictures of this great area I live in. So here are some of my pictures and a small blurb about each one.

1. Yes, the fruit trees are starting to bud and once again life is returning to these parts!


2. My neighbor’s beautiful forsythia is about to blossom, and yes, that is the driveway leading down to my house. At the bottom of the drive to the right is my house!


3. This is one of the smaller rocks that Jack dug out of our driveway. The upper part of the driveway is dirt, and in it, we grow rocks every year! That’s why they call us the Granite State! LOL!


4. Here is another one. There is still another very large boulder, but we will need to hire a backhoe to pull that one out!


5. This is one of my favorite summer houses along the boulevard, at Weir’s Beach. The owners always keep it well painted and beautiful. Despite the somewhat funky colors, I love it!


6. This is a wide angle view of Weir’s Beach. It is on Lake Winnipesaukee. In the bygone era of the late 1800s and early 1900s, wealthy families owned these homes and came up from the city to escape the heat and enjoy the Lakes.

20190501_1059247. Another shot of The Weirs, showing the Railroad Tracks, that lead up from the city, and went even further into the Mountains. These tracks are still used during tourist season.


8. My own little lake, Lake Waukewan. We are called The Lakes Region, as 1/16 of New Hampshire is water, much of it in the Lakes Region. The largest lakes in the region include Lake Winnipesaukee with 72 square miles of water, more than 200 miles of shoreline, and 274 habitable islands; Squam Lake, where the movie “On Golden Pond” was filmed; Lake Winnisquam, Newfound Lake, and Ossipee Lake.

30I found this great picture from when we hiked up Rattlesnake Mountain, and this was our view of Squam Lake in 2014. Arnie, Anneliese, Greta, and the White Shepherd is our old boy, Fritz.

9. There are nearly 1,000 lakes and ponds greater than 10 acres in the state with a total surface area of almost 165,000 acres (NH- DES, 2008a). With the exception of Lake Umbagog and Lake Sunapee, the largest lakes are in New Hampshire’s Lakes Region: Winnipesaukee, Squam, Winnisquam, and Newfound. But I really do love our little lake!


Lake Waukewan.

10. One of the nice things about living in the country is that we can allow the dogs to run. They are all older now and do not wander. In fact, they’re more company than I ever expected them to be. What wonderful companions!

20190423_174944Lili walking with me in front of our house.

11. We also share our area with some cute animals, like this Ground Hog who lives in our front yard.

P8210011 copy


12. Not to mention all the Wild Turkeys that traipse through our yard and eat the apples and drive the dogs insane!

PA290031 (3)

And yes, I did take this picture!

13. Lastly, I love the deer that live all around the Lakes Region, as well as our State. Last year we had three families that came to our yards to live and to have their fawns. That was so special.

best two

I also took this one!

Actually, I took them all. I hope, that you can see at least a few of the reasons that I love my beautiful New Hampshire!

Thursday Thirteen ~ Savannah & Me


    1. When I woke up on Wednesday it was snowing! I groaned. Nothing was sticking, so I knew my day with Savannah would be safe.
    2. I showered and dressed and tossed my breakfast into my WW bag. I started to write a note to Jack, but he woke up and I told him everything in person.
    3. I left the house at 7:45 AM and headed to Weirs Beach where my WW Class is held.
    4. Down another pound this week at Class That makes a total of nine pounds this month! I feel quite good about this. I have made adjustments in my eating plan and I think it is working for me.
    5. After Class, I headed down to my daughter’s House. The kids had a half a day of classes there, so I drove down to spend the afternoon with Savannah.
    6. I stopped at the local Shaws Supermarket to get a salad and found a prepackaged meal of baby back ribs for Jack and me for dinner. I decided to get that, as I knew I would be late getting back and that Jack would want a good meal for dinner. (I was right!)
    7. I drove to Mandy’s after that, put my stuff in the fridge and then went out and sat on the wall near the driveway, to wait for Savi.
    8. Oh my goodness! The sun was shining! The sky was blue and cloudless! As I sat I could feel the warmth of that sunshine on my head and face and I felt that Spring was finally here!
    9. Then the School Bus turned down our street and stopped in front of where I had been sitting. I could see Savannah pop up after the bus was still, make her way forward, and wave goodbye to her friends and the driver after she reached my side. Then she threw her arms around me! (Melt)


10. We had lunch, we read books, Savannah learned how to tell time, and started the process of learning to lace shoes. We made Snapchat videos and took pictures, and then we did what all girls do. We went window shopping on Amazon.


11. We played with her two American Girl Dolls, that I’d given her the last two Christmas’s. Then we looked at Dolls, at Doll Clothes, At Dresses for her, at Toys and all sorts of things. What fun that was!

12. Then about 4:15 I allowed her to put on the TV. She was watching a little TV before her folks arrived home when it happened. She lost the remote! We searched high and low, but could not find it! I retraced her last steps. Bathroom, dining room to get a chair, and snack closet. Yep, there it was, inside the snack closet!

13. Mommy and Daddy and Quinn arrived home and I got hugs from them all, and then off I went to drive home. The ride was a little hairy due to the 45 mile an hour winds, that seemed to pick up my Toyota Highlander and toss it around. But I made it, and the pups and Jack were happy to see me.

The Thursday Thirteen


Since I have not done a Thursday Thirteen list in a while, I thought what better way to start the month of November than with a Thursday Thirteen list of things that will be happening this month.

  1. Today I need to take Miss Anneliese into the Vets in the morning. Her left eye is badly clouded over. Not with a cataract, but something else. Her eye also appears swollen and I am more than just a little concerned.
  2. I finally get my hair done today after waiting a month and a half. It was just one of those things where time slipped by and I kept running out of time. Today I will get my hair dipped in the fountain of youth, and then have a nice shaping. I can hardly wait!
  3. I was sitting here typing up my list waiting for my TV show to start. Suddenly the channel changed. I looked up. I changed it back. Continued typing and the channel changed again. Only this time it changed and changed and…..I got up and looked over at a seemingly harmless Jack, asleep in his chair, holding his remote and in his sleep, he was changing the channel. Jack was relieved of his remote control! He woke briefly, and then fell back asleep!
  4. Sunday, of course, the clocks fall back. That is my favorite time of year and I wish the time would just stay there all year long.


5. Sunday also finds me going down to see Savannah in the Community Theater play of 101 Dalmations. Savannah loves being in these plays and she always asks to audition. I am so proud of her. She also works hard on her lines and learning all the songs. I am going for both shows, spending the night and then heading home after I get Savi on the bus in the morning.

6. Tuesday I go in for my facial biopsy. It’s a good size area and so they want to biopsy two places. More than likely it is just scar tissue, but I will be glad when the biopsy is over and we know for sure. Jack has an appointment the same day and his is right after mine, with the same doctor for a few places he is having problems with. Yes, we love our Dermatologist!

7. Tuesday is also “This is Us”. My favorite show and I hate to miss an episode. I’m a little unhappy that next week’s episode will be preempted, due to the mid-term elections. Ugh!

8. Wednesday is WW of course and so I always try to block out that time. I really enjoy the meetings and they do help. Plus I get to spend time with my friends. We have a luncheon planned to celebrate my friend’s birthday and mine. We were born eight days apart, the same year, so we are both turning sixty!

9. There are Christmas Bazaars coming up locally and I am looking forward to those. The one at the Catholic Church is amazing and I plan to go to that one.


10. Of course, my birthday will be coming right up, and I have a nice meal out with Jack planned, as well as a shopping spree at Talbots!

11. My daughter, Mandy has also given me a list of things to pack and a time to be at her house the day after my birthday! I do not know what she has planned for my sixtieth Birthday Celebration, but I’m guessing it will be fun!

12. Thanksgiving will be upon us early this year, on November 22 and it looks like it will be just Jack and me, although I am hoping my cousin and her husband will join us. It’s okay, I love to cook Thanksgiving meals, and the leftovers are awesome!

13. Lastly, there is a German Christmas Market the last day of the month and I am really looking forward to going to that with my cousin.

So that’s the month of November and I am sure a few other things will pop up. It’s always a busy month and then boom, December will be upon us and all the wonderful Christmas Craziness!


The Thursday Thirteen


As you may recall, last week I returned to Weight Watchers to try to get a handle on my weight. I decided to follow the plan to the letter, to write down everything I ate and just see what happened. Here is how my week went.

  1. The first thing I did was to sit down and read everything I was given at class, twice! There is so much information and I wasn’t sure I understood it all.
  2. After reading everything, I decided that I needed to journal my eating (write everything down so I could keep track of the points accurately!). Since I have purchased both the online and in-person meeting program, I’ve been keeping track of everything online.
  3. Then I set about fixing wonderful Zero point salads, and also Zero point meals. I was thinking about how to plan things that I was eating. For instance, I attended Savannah’s party and I knew there would be steak and cupcakes! And I also knew I would want both! So, I ate only Zero point meals until dinner that night. Then I had my steak and my cupcake too!
  4. I was in the grocery store and I saw the first bags of California New Potatoes. A particular favorite of mine. Hmmmm. Well, I checked and a 5-ounce potato was 5 points. Okay, I can do that. So with my wonderful Haddock fillet, I had the New Potato and Corn on the Cob, which is also Zero points!
  5. It struck me after a few days that I was never feeling hungry. I was eating balanced meals, and snacks too, and never felt like I was deprived. I am eating all the things I enjoy and it was working.
  6. I also got a little worried. Could eating this well really produce a weight loss? What if I did everything right and come Wednesday morning, didn’t lose an ounce! Or worse yet, gained weight! Perish the thought!
  7. As I got ready on Wednesday morning for class, I didn’t even dare to sip a cup of coffee before weighed in! I just knew that one sip of coffee would put on at least a pound of fluid in my body!
  8. I got to class, went to Tami who has been weighing me in since 2008 when I have attended class and has always been rooting for me. I told her that my scale showed a good weight loss, but if I didn’t show the same weight loss at class, that old scale was being thrown out!
  9. I stepped on the scale and………Tami said my scale wasn’t going to the dump just yet! I was down 5.2 pounds!!!
  10. I cannot tell you how happy I was and How relieved too. But my leader, Pam and my cousin Rikki were both right. They told me that if I worked the program it would work for me! And it had!
  11. So, when class began Pam asked if anyone had anything to share, good or bad or helpful? I raised my hand and was all but jumping out of my seat, much like Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies!
  12. She called on me, and I started out by recounting my week. I spoke of Zero Point foods and meals, of not feeling hungry. I also spoke of some of the things I ate, like Baby-back ribs, pork chops, the best grilled steak ever, and the California New Potatoes! And how I had lost 5.2 pounds this week! And how good I felt! Many of the people there asked questions, and other people talked about their struggles and their triumphs with the program.
  13. It was a great way to re-start my quest for a healthy weight through the Weight Watchers program. I know I will not lose 5 pounds every week, but I do believe that this is an eating plan I can live with lifelong.



Thursday Thirteen

I thought that today would be a great day for a Thursday Thirteen! Yes, folks, that day when I look around me and try to come up with 13 things to put on some sort of list. So, I will make this a random list, of 13 things I am thinking about right now. In no particular order.

  1. Today was a perfect day weather-wise. It was 68 degrees, with almost no breeze at all. The trees are all blossoming, and it’s a real pleasure to drive around and just look at everything. Yes, it was beautiful, and I enjoyed every moment!
  2. Greta’s undercoat no longer exists. She is old now at 14 years old and her fur is thin and matted. So today I set her down, got out my doggy clippers and trimmed her back and sides.

    She gets so upset and tired (me too!) that I can only work so long on her before I need to quit. But she is looking so much better!
  3. I got beautiful flowers on Mother’s Day. A lovely bouquet from my daughter and roses from Jack. I’ve been diligently taking care of them, and they look like I just got them still. They are also so fragrant!
  4. My sister’s yard will eventually recover from the Tornado. Who knew that Connecticut has had several Tornados over the years. Certainly not me. I’m so glad that Melodie had a hankering for Chinese food and had gone to get take out. The owner of the restaurant kept her from leaving when the storm approached and when she got home she realized, that had she tried to go home, the trees might have crushed her and her car. I am very thankful to that man for keeping her safe!
  5. Jack had his feet examined today. The doctor is very happy with what he is seeing. He told me I’m doing good work keeping them healthy for Jack!
  6. We wanted to take back roads today from the VA in Manchester up to Sam’s Club in Concord. I got the map out and quickly picked out a route. I smiled. 35 years ago I couldn’t read a map. Now Not only can I read one, but I love maps! I know, call me a little strange!
  7. Savannah’s Birthday is coming up and I have been working on buying her gift. I won’t spoil the surprise, but I have been having so much fun!
  8. Who is going to get up on Saturday and watch the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? I do plan to get up and watch. I’m always fascinated with the other people’s dresses and hats, etc. Should be very interesting since so many of the guests are going to be crazy American’s.
  9. Thursday I am going to slow cook a pork roast that I got for 89¢ a pound! The entire rost was just over $3.50! I plan to slow cook it and then make pulled pork! Yum!
  10. I am caught up on laundry and since dinner will cook itself, I think tomorrow I will spend the morning in the Office dusting and vacuuming.
  11. I’m planning a trip to see my sister in June. Not sure of the exact dates yet, as Savannah also graduates from Kindergarten and I want to be able to go to that.
  12. I’m looking forward to the Preakness Horse Race this weekend. Now I do not follow horse racing year round, but I really enjoy watching the horses run in The Kentucky Derby, The Preakness, and The Belmont Stakes. It’s so exciting.
  13. Lastly, I made a new recipe for Greek Pasta Salad. It tastes very good and I will post the recipe on Saturday.

Thursday Thirteen

Since tomorrow I will be skipping the Friday Five, I thought I might skip back and do a Thursday Thirteen. When I first started blogging, I used to do a Thursday Thirteen list each week. Eventually, I ran out of ideas. Let’s face it, I’ve been blogging since 2005 and I think I may very well have made lists for almost every part of my life.

This week, I am going to write a list of thirteen things I have learned are important in life.

  1. Always tell the people in your life that you love them. Don’t miss that opportunity.
  2. Life is short. Don’t spend it being angry or carrying a grudge. Go forward.
  3. Find your joy! Find it and hold onto it and allow yourself to feel it.
  4. Remember that your children and grandchildren are the most important people in your life. Spend time reading to them, getting down on the floor and playing with them, laugh with them and when your kids are nearly grown or grown, remember to always listen to them. I saw a quote that said: Hearing is one of the senses, but listening is so important to learn. I’m still working on this!
  5. Remember to treat your friends like you would a beloved garden. Nurture them, care for them and never be too busy for them.
  6. Believe in something greater than yourself. I believe in God, and my faith has gotten me through some very tough times. My faith also gives me hope for the future.
  7. Go someplace. A beach, a field, a mountain top, somewhere and sit in the quiet. Hear the peace around you. I always love to go outside in the middle of a snowstorm and just stand there and listen to the silence. It lowers your blood pressure and trust me, it will put a smile on your face!
  8. Listen to music. Not just when you are in your car, but turn on a series of tunes when you are working around the house, doing laundry, etc. Make a playlist of your favorite songs and then…rock-on!
  9. Laugh! If you are having trouble finding things to laugh about, put on a good old comedy movie. Quite honestly, having 4 dogs gives me plenty of chuckles each day. That and the fact that I am a big klutz makes me laugh a lot. Laugh at the silly things you do. Don’t take everything to heart!
  10. Listen to the voices of your people when they call your name. A few weeks ago I entered my daughter’s home and the children both came running calling out my name…”OMA”! and my heart filled! Likewise when I hear my daughter call me Mom or Jack call me Hun, I smile because I know I am loved.
  11. Take a long walk. Through a forest, along the shore, and just breathe. Remember the things that make you love where you are walking.
  12. Take your time. Enjoy what you are doing, seeing, feeling, and believing. Don’t rush. Life goes by in a flash.
  13. cool-quotes-good-life-sayings-pictures-pics-image-e1435582930387-810x813