Thursday Thirteen

Nov 24 015

Thirteen Things I Think About.

  1. I saw a sneaker on the side of the road. I wondered…where is the other one? Is there a man or woman walking around with only one sneaker?
  2. Why do people enter the roadway in front of you, and then slow down? I wondered at this today when I had no car behind me and yet a young man roared in front of me from a side road and then slowed down to a snail’s pace?
  3. Why do Wild Turkeys always seem to gather near the edge of roads? Are they trying to get hit?
  4. Why do Tornados seem to head for and hit Mobile Home Parks?
  5. How does dust settle on my tables, shelves etc, mere moments after I dust them?
  6. My “Crow Proof” bird feeder isn’t exactly crow proof.
    Those little buggers fly up, grab some suet, fall off and go right back and try again. It’s provided Jack and me with endless moments of entertainment!
  7. My little Downey Woodpecker comes by to visit each day.
    P6250024 (2)
    By this, I mean he actually comes to feed when I am standing outside or seated at our little patio table. He almost seems to know me and trust me. I just love this!
  8. There is a Fox in our neighborhood. We’re all a bit nervous. The last fox taken into custody was Rabid. So we’re watching the pooches carefully.
  9. I finally got tired of seeing Arnie’s ears all but dragging on the ground! So I picked him up and gave his ears a good trim!

    I still need to work the stripping comb on him. He has such a thick and luxurious coat, that needs thinning and stripping, that is for sure.

  10. What am I making for dinner tonight? After such a long day I would hate to cook a big meal, knowing I still have no dishwasher and will need to wash, dry and put away all the dishes I make! Ugh!
  11. I need to get paid more. Besides doing the cooking, dishes, cleaning, and laundry, I have another title…Nurse! Jack fell again today and cut himself in three places. After cleaning the wounds, I bandaged them up. Yup, add Nurse to my job description!
  12. I’m struggling with WW. There I have said it! I try and I get through breakfast and I’m doing well and then at 10 o’clock I want to eat. Ugh! I will not give up.
  13. And lastly, today I saw a company moving one of those huge water tanks. You know, the ones you see in towns up on stilts? Anyway, the flatbed truck had it strapped down, and it took up two entire lanes. Four State Police vehicles with lights were guiding the way as well as two outriding company trucks. I have never seen anything that large on a public highway! I was driving and I couldn’t take a picture. But here is a water-tank very close to what I saw on the flatbed.

water-towerThe cone-shaped top was not there, just the large cylindrical capsule. It got off the road in Rochester. I wish I could have followed it for a while.

3 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen”

  1. 2. Do you have a gun?

    4. Trailer Trash are usually near rivers where they can be flooded out. Do rivers attract tornadoes?

    7. Nice.

    11. Sorry to hear. What to do in the future………

    12. Get up later.

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