Thursday Thirteen May 20th

Nov 24 015Wow! Can you believe this? May is more than halfway over! So, today I thought I would put together a list of the things I did on Thursday, May 19th.

  1. On Wednesdays, I meet with my ladies for our version of WW. Since we were abandoned by WW during the Pandemic, we made our own group and carry through the old WW mantra. These are thirteen women that I love and care about very deeply. Lucky 13!
  2. I rushed to the Post Office and got my mail. There was a lot of mail and packages.
  3. I have seriously been looking at Cell Phones. Tomorrow I am going to the local Verizon store and getting a new phone.
  4. I drove Jack to his doctor’s appointment. It was a beautiful day and the ride was a pleasant one.
  5. After the doctor’s appointment, we headed over to the grocery shop. We got many items that we needed.
  6. Then we went to fill up on gasoline. Boring, yes, but we really needed the gas.
  7. We came home and put everything away. I was simply beat, but at least we bought a rotisserie chicken and salad for dinner. It was all easy!
  8. The dogs were so happy when we got home! Apparently, the Pandemic has caused them to believe that will never go out.
  9. I need to clean up my basket of flowers. Mandy sent me a beautiful arrangement and they have lasted a long time. I need to weed out the old and dried and freshen it all up!20210519_181902
  10. I bought my best friend, Gail a nightshirt just like mine. Hers came quickly to her, and mine arrived today. I love it! Twinsies!
  11. We’ve started Arnie on some cranberry/pumpkin seed extract in hopes to help his urinary tract problems.
  12. Tomorrow I need to do laundry and pack. I am staying at Mandy’s overnight on Friday. Should be fun!
  13. And lastly, I am so tired! I think it’s the kind of tiredness that is mostly emotional. It can only get better.

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