Way Back Wednesday

As you know, Arnie isn’t doing well and I find myself looking back in time to when he was a young, sprightly puppy!

Feb. 4 ArnieWe’ve had Arnie since the very moment he drew breath. Arnie was Greta’s son. The only boy in that first litter of five.

Arnie was the one pup who just moved about quietly, stealing people’s hearts. Those eyes, that sweet look, he simply went around collecting fans!

Oct 13 031We had never intended on keeping Arnie. He was due to go to a woman in New York State, but at the very last minute (the day she was supposed to come and get him) she canceled. At that point, he was little orphan Arnie and we knew he was meant to be with us.

Sept. ,3 002Where have the last 14 years gone? Really, it just flew by. And now my handsome little guy is an old man.

It matters not. Way back when or now, Mr. Arnie is still the most loving and amazing little man ever!

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