The Weekend Wrap ~ May 17th

The weekend wrap 2My weekend was a tough one. I was feeling rather emotional, and in the end, I was tired and actually needed to take a nap on Sunday. Here’s what was happening.

Arnie is still unwell. I will be calling his Vet tomorrow to see what we can do. Part of me is really panic-stricken because I’m afraid Arnie is nearing the end of his life. My boy. My last link to Greta and the Dackel Princess Puppies. My heart is breaking.

Taxes. I bugged Jack until the middle of last week and finally, he started the taxes. He needed me to do some typing for him. We finished them on Saturday, printed them on Sunday, and I will mail them, registered mail tomorrow. May I just say that Tax Season is very stressful for me each year because Jack always wants the one thing I have not saved! This year, I did have it all, but the struggle was real.

Our Apple Trees are blooming beautifully. I managed to snap a few pictures! They really are beautiful!


I was not in the mood to blow out my hair today, so I embraced my curls. They’re still there and actually made my hair prep easier.


The week is a busy one, and should Arnie need Vet care, I will be driving out to our Vet’s. Whatever he needs.

Have a great week ahead!

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4 thoughts on “The Weekend Wrap ~ May 17th”

  1. I will say a prayer for Arnie and you! I know that awful feeling… hope he has some quality time left.

  2. I know one of these vet trips won’t end well but hopefully will this time and for a bit longer.

  3. When our furry babies get older it gets harder & harder..sending prayers to you both..❤️❤️❤️

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