The Friday Five ~ May 14th

Friday Five 1The week has flown by, but quite honestly, I am wiped out. Arnie has been sick and I have been back and forth to the Vets, and then worried sick about him. At fourteen and a half years old, even a sneeze elicits panic in my heart and soul! Anyway, here is my Friday Five!

  1. I made the best ever Pot Roast for Jack. Thankfully there are leftovers for him to eat so I can stick to my plan.
  2. I lost six pounds this week on WW. I am thrilled, but I also know I need to be careful as it comes back far too quickly!
  3. I am planning an overnight with my grands very soon. Quite honestly, it can’t be soon enough. I sure have missed them!
  4. I am not sure if I mentioned that my Insurance Carrier refused to pay for my facial surgery last October. They claimed it was cosmetic despite the fact that three tumors were removed. I appealed the decision with 23 pages of supporting documentation. I heard back, that after reviewing the documents and the pictures of the three tumors, they had decided to pay! Well, happy days are here again!
  5. I had lunch with several of my WW Ladies on Wednesday. We have decided to make this a monthly thing. It was so nice to relax and just chat away!

So that’s it this week. Please keep Arnie in your prayers. He is such a good boy and honestly, I am not sure what I will do if he takes a turn for the worst!

Meanwhile, have a great weekend!

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