TBT: Anneliese & Isegrim

I was getting out the three collars of Greta, Anneliese, and Arnie, to wash before I place them forever in a memories box filled with pictures, dried flowers, and of course their collars. As I opened my dackel bag I saw a newspaper. And there I was, holding Anneliese’s husband, Isegrim. He was the German father of Anneliese’s puppies.


I’d forgotten this article. But there it was. Reminding me of a great time in my life. A time I was doing something I truly believed in and also enjoyed more than words could ever say.

2Oh, how wonderful those 12 weeks were. Imagine having your own little pack of 4 puppies to play with, teach things to, and snuggle. Simply the most wonderful time ever!

3I need to get my scanner up and going and carefully scan this in. After all, the paper will eventually wear away. So, I need to scan and protect.

What a perfect day to find this. I really needed something to make me smile!

The collars are in the wash, and I am working to preserve the memories of my Dackel Princess pups!

51614440216_2392427cc3_3kIn the back, Greta and Arnie. In the front, Anneliese.

Happy 12th Birthday to Anneliese’s Pups!

Today is the 12th Birthday of Anneliese’s first litter of pups. She was an amazing Mommy to her babies and all are still with us now.

I decided to enter the report I made the morning after their birth. We were happy and excited, and exhausted!


April 28 038

I somehow knew early on Saturday night that I wasn’t going to get much sleep. Anneliese had been in her whelping box all day and had slept during the evening. I knew that she would keep me up all night as she produced her offspring! So I went to bed at 8:30 in an attempt to get some rest before the critical paw holding began.

At 11:30 she woke me to go out to wee-wee. As soon as we came back in, she began digging and pacing about in her box. I lay down and tried like crazy to get just a little more sleep.

At 12:30 she woke me again and after that, I was awake all night long.

Her really active labor began at 2:26 AM on Sunday morning April 26th. I could literally watch the contractions taking place, as she worked to expel the pups, one by one!

At 3:02 weighing in at 8.3 ounces, Baby Girl Princess (Black Collar) was born. She was tiny but came into the world mewing for her mother. I cleared her airway and toweled her off and returned her to Anneliese’s care.

April 26 011

At 4:06 AM, Baby Boy Prince (Yellow Collar) joined us weighing in at 8.8 ounces. He was quieter, but fully fit, and I cleared his airway, and then toweled him dry like I did his sister.

April 26 041

Before I could relax (or Anneliese either), at 4:26 Baby Girl Princess (Green Collar) whooshed into the world weighing 7.9 ounces. She just came flying out after Baby Boy Yellow, and I worked hard to clean her up and keep up with cleaning the whelping box in between deliveries.

I was concerned because Anneliese has a ton of milk, which has prevented her teats from popping out. She also would not nurse the babies as she continued to moan and pace.

In a panic, I called the Emergency Vet to ask how long babies could go without milk after they were born? She suggested I come and get some puppy formula. Hubby got up, and he stayed with Anneliese, as I drove over and got the milk.

I arrived back and before I could get settled in or bottle feed any of the pups, Anneliese spit out puppy number 4. At 6:45 Baby Boy Prince (Blue Collar), was born. he weighed in at a whopping 9.7 ounces!

After that, I was able to get the pups to alternate either nursing Anneliese or taking some formula from the bottle. Eventually, Anneliese settled down and the pups appear to be nursing quite well. I will know on Monday morning when I weigh them in if this is the case.

So as I write this, it is Sunday night and I still have not gone to bed. I am running on empty. However, I feel very, very happy, and the babies are beautiful!

April 27 014

Happy Birthday B-Litter

Today is the Eleventh Birthday of Anneliese’s 4 babies. Bogart, Baerbel, Baron, and Ali (Birgit).

April 29 018

This was Anneliese’s only litter. What a beautiful and good Mama she was to her babies.

May 13 020

They grew quickly and you can see how chubby they became.

June 17 09 Snuggling up on a cold day

And before I knew it they left to go to their new homes. This was such a fun time in my house.

July 12 09 003

So Happy Birthday to our B-Babies!

We’re Back

I realized on the way home today, that I had not posted anything on the Blog! This never happens, but honestly, when we got back to the Inn last night I was exhausted! Those 72 & 73 year olds wore me out. I’ll write a more detailed post tonight for tomorrow, but I didn’t want anyone to worry or to think I’d dropped off the face of the earth!

June 3 11 021

This was half way through our four mile hike UP HILL! I made it both up and down, and I admit I worried a little, but I made it, and only limped a little afterward!