We’re Back

I realized on the way home today, that I had not posted anything on the Blog! This never happens, but honestly, when we got back to the Inn last night I was exhausted! Those 72 & 73 year olds wore me out. I’ll write a more detailed post tonight for tomorrow, but I didn’t want anyone to worry or to think I’d dropped off the face of the earth!

June 3 11 021

This was half way through our four mile hike UP HILL! I made it both up and down, and I admit I worried a little, but I made it, and only limped a little afterward!

Planting & Ice Out

Yesterday, I was truly amazed at the lake in front of our house. It appeared to have small rivers running between the ice, but when I walked down to the beach to look and take some pictures, this is what I found.

April 21 11 021

Can you see the ice? There were these really odd icicles in between each chunk of ice. Here is a close up.

April 21 11 019

It was cold and windy and I didn’t stay out too long. I walked back up the hill to our house, and thought, perhaps I would snap a picture.

Friday the sun was out and it was a much nicer day! I decided to put on my crummy jeans and sweat-shirt and do some spring stuff.

April 21 11 022

Since there was no snow left in the yard, that meant one thing for me…time to plant my seeds for the garden! So, out to the green house I went, to clean it out, working planting seeds, and then clean it all up again!

April 22 11 027

Our weather was beautiful and it was actually the perfect day for working in the green house. Our temperatures reached 60 degrees. I so enjoyed the sunshine and watching the effect that it had on our lake. By nightfall we had finally had ice out on our own little lake here in Dackel Princess Land!

April 22 11 001

Monday, Monday

We woke up on Monday to round three of snow! It seems we just get paths dug for the dackels, when it snows and we have to do it all over again. This has been a bad weekend for snow and then  we started the week with another storm. At least this one didn’t drop as much snow. They were forecasting 4-6 inches, but I think we only got 2 this time.

A short movie that I filmed on Monday morning.

Feb 28 Snow from Dackel Princess Maribeth on Vimeo.

Hubby arrived home after going skiing in the morning and he casually mentioned that the car slid off the road into a snow bank. He was not phased by this, in fact he was rather pleased that several people stopped to help push him out of the snow bank.

While he was off skiing I worked washing cabinets. Definitely not glamor work, but a real necessity. In fact, I found a place on the stove top hood, that was a bit neglected, so I took the time to scrub that out.

Anneliese has just about 5 or 6 days left of her heat and then she will be all over it. I can hardly wait. Last night it was a real challenge to keep Arnie and his sister apart!

I was also thrilled to death with most of the Oscar Awards. I love Colin Firth, The Kings Speech was phenomenal, and Christian Slater Bale, well he may be one of the finest actors of our time. I do like Melissa Leo, but felt, like almost everyone else in the world, that she should not have used the F-bomb during her acceptance speech. I mean, after all, in the top four categories of Best Actors, there wasn’t any surprises now, were there.

Now we, the movie audiences of the world, can go back to our regular viewing, wondering, who might give us a stellar performance next year!

For The Love Of Bogart

(And Arnie too!)

Currently we have five dogs. Later today, Bogart’s Mommy and Daddy will be coming to pick him up and whisk him off to his home. I am going to miss him. What a nice little guy he is. After the first 24 hours, where Arnie really had his nose out of joint, everything settled down and the gang started to really get along. There has not been one incident with any of the dogs, but there have been some really funny things happen.

Nov. 19 004


Bogart is a lick-er. And he loves to lick those he loves. He especially LOVES Fritz. Oh my goodness to watch the two of them is hilarious! Fritz will be sitting there and Bogey jumps up kissing his face with such love, and Fritz just accepts it.

If Fritz is outside and Bogart sees him through the door, he will stand at the door and lick the glass! He will also fuss and whine until we let Fritz back in.

Anneliese will sit cuddled up with Bogart, or if they are outside she will run after him, or he will run after her, but they are both moving fast, chasing each other!

Grandma Greta, also started playing around with Bogart. It seems he accepts that she is the Alpha Dog in the pack and so she has decided it is okay to play with him. Honest to goodness it is so cute to watch!

And then there is Arnie.


He still gives Bogart a wide berth, and I have seen that look in his eye that tells me that in some ways Arnie feels unloved. You know he enjoys being the only “boy” dog in the house,  (read un-neutered) and since he has had to share the space with another “boy” he has felt very much like his place is being taken in the pack. I’ve spent a lot of time stroking Arnie and telling him it will be okay.

Bogey has adjusted quite well. I think he remembers the house, and well, there is no convincing me that he doesn’t  remember Hubby and me. In fact when I get him up in the morning he just covers my face with kisses, and then he races to Hubby and greets him the same way when he gets up.

Yes, we’re going to miss Bogart when he leaves us. Perhaps he’ll come and visit again in the future.