TBT: Anneliese & Isegrim

I was getting out the three collars of Greta, Anneliese, and Arnie, to wash before I place them forever in a memories box filled with pictures, dried flowers, and of course their collars. As I opened my dackel bag I saw a newspaper. And there I was, holding Anneliese’s husband, Isegrim. He was the German father of Anneliese’s puppies.


I’d forgotten this article. But there it was. Reminding me of a great time in my life. A time I was doing something I truly believed in and also enjoyed more than words could ever say.

2Oh, how wonderful those 12 weeks were. Imagine having your own little pack of 4 puppies to play with, teach things to, and snuggle. Simply the most wonderful time ever!

3I need to get my scanner up and going and carefully scan this in. After all, the paper will eventually wear away. So, I need to scan and protect.

What a perfect day to find this. I really needed something to make me smile!

The collars are in the wash, and I am working to preserve the memories of my Dackel Princess pups!

51614440216_2392427cc3_3kIn the back, Greta and Arnie. In the front, Anneliese.

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