The last couple of days I have been quiet. I needed the quiet. I think there are times you find that keeping busy helps to take your mind off of the things that are bothering you. Then the thoughts come up and hit you and you begin to feel it all again.

Life is very quiet since Arnie has passed. In the last months of his life, he was quite vocal, and now there is silence.

Lili will follow me around some, but she is the guard dog of our house and most often is on the floor next to the door. Occasionally she will come in and sleep on the sofa, but mostly she is on duty.

Anyway, I decided to do a few things to get ready for Christmas, and fortunately, I can shop online. I’ve actually made quite a dent in the shopping!

While having my quiet time I have also wiped my hard drive and reloaded things. Things are in better order than they were.

The weather has also been rather fierce reminding me that we have now entered Autumn. The wind has been blowing so hard that it makes loud noises outside. The lovely leaves are blowing down and very soon our trees will resemble skeletons.

Autumn may be late this year, but it is finally here and I actually broke out the warm nightgown last night.

Stay warm and snuggly in your home and enjoy the last days of Autumn as they blow by.


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