Thursday Thirteen ~ Savannah & Me


    1. When I woke up on Wednesday it was snowing! I groaned. Nothing was sticking, so I knew my day with Savannah would be safe.
    2. I showered and dressed and tossed my breakfast into my WW bag. I started to write a note to Jack, but he woke up and I told him everything in person.
    3. I left the house at 7:45 AM and headed to Weirs Beach where my WW Class is held.
    4. Down another pound this week at Class That makes a total of nine pounds this month! I feel quite good about this. I have made adjustments in my eating plan and I think it is working for me.
    5. After Class, I headed down to my daughter’s House. The kids had a half a day of classes there, so I drove down to spend the afternoon with Savannah.
    6. I stopped at the local Shaws Supermarket to get a salad and found a prepackaged meal of baby back ribs for Jack and me for dinner. I decided to get that, as I knew I would be late getting back and that Jack would want a good meal for dinner. (I was right!)
    7. I drove to Mandy’s after that, put my stuff in the fridge and then went out and sat on the wall near the driveway, to wait for Savi.
    8. Oh my goodness! The sun was shining! The sky was blue and cloudless! As I sat I could feel the warmth of that sunshine on my head and face and I felt that Spring was finally here!
    9. Then the School Bus turned down our street and stopped in front of where I had been sitting. I could see Savannah pop up after the bus was still, make her way forward, and wave goodbye to her friends and the driver after she reached my side. Then she threw her arms around me! (Melt)


10. We had lunch, we read books, Savannah learned how to tell time, and started the process of learning to lace shoes. We made Snapchat videos and took pictures, and then we did what all girls do. We went window shopping on Amazon.


11. We played with her two American Girl Dolls, that I’d given her the last two Christmas’s. Then we looked at Dolls, at Doll Clothes, At Dresses for her, at Toys and all sorts of things. What fun that was!

12. Then about 4:15 I allowed her to put on the TV. She was watching a little TV before her folks arrived home when it happened. She lost the remote! We searched high and low, but could not find it! I retraced her last steps. Bathroom, dining room to get a chair, and snack closet. Yep, there it was, inside the snack closet!

13. Mommy and Daddy and Quinn arrived home and I got hugs from them all, and then off I went to drive home. The ride was a little hairy due to the 45 mile an hour winds, that seemed to pick up my Toyota Highlander and toss it around. But I made it, and the pups and Jack were happy to see me.

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