A Random Thursday Thirteen

Nov 24 015
Back when I first began writing Dackel Princess each week I did a Thursday Thirteen. I was new to Blogging, and finding things to write about in this format was easy. I think people probably got to know me and the pups pretty well.

I haven’t done one in a while because I didn’t think I would have much to say. Then I thought I would do it and make it all random, so that really, none of this is connected to anything.

It’s a little bit how my brain has been functioning during this whole Pandemic thing!

So here we go. Thirteen Things on my mind, that have nothing to do with each other.

  1. I wish you could all see how excited Anneliese gets when I bring her food dish in and set it down. She leaps in the air and dances around. It’s the cutest thing in the world!
  2. I have this flock of blackbirds and starlings that have discovered my bird feeders. They empty the suet feeders every day. I have feeders that make it difficult for them, and I will start using those exclusively.
  3. I’m becoming an expert on Airline Accidents. In my efforts to avoid the news, I’ve been watching “Air Disasters” on Smithsonian TV and it is amazing how the experts figure out what went wrong.
  4. I was chopping vegetables for my lunchtime salad and since I knew I was making a Stir-Fry for dinner, I decided to cut those vegetables up then too. So dinner is actually nearly prepared.
  5. I vacuumed today. One of my least favorite jobs to do. Why? Well, it seems like I just get it done, and then Lili sneezes and the house is covered with her hair once again!
  6. I need to pay my Town Taxes and my Mailbox Fee tomorrow.
  7. Do any of you rewatch movies that you liked because it’s nice to have friendly noise in the background? I will put on a movie like “Sleepless in Seattle”.sleeplessI have seen the movie a million times, and I don’t really have to pay attention, but as it plays softly in the room it’s comforting.
  8. I’ve decided to get an Air Fryer. I think it will be fun and of course not using any oil, helps me with my diet. I am still researching.
  9. I ordered new sheets from Amazon. In the reviews, a person wrote that when she took them out of their packaging the smell was awful. So she had to wash them twice. But she wrote, they are great sheets. Well, they came and I brought them down to wash and I opened the package and OH, MY, GOSH!!!It smelled horrid! I got them in the wash, with detergent, a deodorizer, and a fabric softener. I ran a heavy cycle in warm water and did a soak with the deodorizer. The end result was good and the sheets are ready to go on the bed!
  10. I ordered the cutest mouse pad for my armchair. It arrived and wow is it great.61fSXvi5aYL._SY180_
    However, Jack liked it and so I gave it to him and ordered another for myself. They’re USA made by a woman in South Carolina and you can guess why we both loved them.
  11. I love having a satellite dish, but occasionally, like right now, we lose reception due to heavy rain.
  12. I tried a new Frozen Yogurt Pop called “Fudge Brownie”.
    All I can say about that is that it does not taste like “Diet Food” at all. But I also promised myself not to buy that one too often, as it was just too good!
  13. On Wednesday a dear friend was feeling low. I stepped outside of myself and my own sadness and I think hope I helped her. She is such a sweetheart and I understand her feelings and wanted to be there for her, even if it was just in a little way.

So there you go. 13 unrelated things happening around me or in my head.

4 thoughts on “A Random Thursday Thirteen”

  1. Random thoughts of my own. I too hate vacuuming. Always have!
    I always think new sheets smell weird and wash them before using.
    Lastly, I’m not sure watching “Air Disasters” would be relaxing for me! Lol.

  2. I could address every point but I will just select your mouse pad. Very cute and not surprising that you have ordered another.

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