The Foods We Eat

Gattina over at Writer’s Cramps asked the question, “How do you do your grocery shopping? Since I know that many countries do their shopping differently, I decided to write about how I shop now, and how I have shopped in the past.

When Hubby and I first married I did a big shopping once a week and then filled in with things during the week. We lived outside of town and it was quite a ride to get to the nearest grocery store.

When we moved to Germany, I shopped every day. Our fridge was tiny, so I just didn’t have room for much. In Germany this was quite common back in 1989. I really enjoyed this because I always felt like I was getting things very fresh and this was nice. I especially love the bread in Germany. Simply the best ever.


Seriously. The best bread in the world…made in Germany!

Later on, we moved to Florida. At that time, Hubby was flying three or four days a week and so I was home a lot by myself. I didn’t cook. I ate frozen diet TV dinners. I shopped every few days, but food held no real thrill for me.

When Hubby retired and we returned to New Hampshire, I began to cook again in earnest, which meant that my shopping habits changed. I shopped once a week again, and started to cook great extravagant meals. Oh I loved cooking lasagnas and casseroles, and cakes and cookies! Yum!

Right up until Hubby developed diabetes and I hit my high weight level. Then I had to relearn, to manage mealtimes, for his diabetes and my Weight Watchers meal plans.

I started shopping for pantry items once per week and buying my meats, chicken and fish once per week. Then twice a week I will supplement with fruit and vegetables. There are times I shop every two weeks to use up what I already have.

In the summer I eat what I grow or what I can get at the local farm stands.

August 22 018

I love fresh vegetables. Don’t you?

So how do you shop for the food you eat? Has it changed over the years? Are you eating fresher food now or more packaged foods?

I always read the sale flier and try to plan meals around what is cheap that week. I also stock up on chicken and beef when they are on sale. How about you?

I wish I lived closer to a good fresh vegetable market, but that only happens in the summer when the farm stands open in our town. Other than that I must drive 20 miles to the nearest, good grocery store.

What do you like and dislike about grocery shopping? What is your favorite time of year to shop? Do you utilize your local farm stands and farmer’s markets?

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  1. It’s very interesting what you wrote and I am sure now it will be an interesting topic for NEXT MONDAY, lol ! you are only a little early. When I moved with my parents to Brussels, they missed the German bread, because in Belgium you only could get white bread. Now of course it’s different and you get all kind of bread. I like to prepare nice healthy plates but quick ! Usually Mr. G. cuts the vegetables because I hate that !

  2. I do a combination – we (often Jay) do a big shop every 1-2 weeks, but that’s mainly for dry goods, cold cuts and meat. Fresh fruit and veg I buy from my favorite greengrocer a few times a week, and I fill in dairy and other odds and ends from one of the many little markets around town (several just on my block). Our biggest quality of life improvement came this year though – now Itai is big enough to run down to the store on the corner for milk or whatever I’ve just run out of. Score!

  3. Mostly shop once a week. I like to go to grocery store, I just don’t like having to put stuff away when I get home. I try to always have some fresh fruits and veggies on hand. My freezer is small so I can’t stock up in there. Love YOU, Mel

  4. I like to shop as I need things like meat and produce; canned items I keep certain things on hand such as beans, tomatoes, tuna, etc., and let’s not forget pb & j!!!

  5. I would have to say I have abnormal shopping habits! Usually M and I do one big grocery shop per month (or even every 6-8 weeks!) We fill in as needed once a week, or something like that. We definitely have times when we have NO FOOD in our house!

    This weekend would be tough for a get together, but I think I could do something on the following Sunday (I think this is the 14th?) How does that day look for you?



  6. Oh, the photo of the German bread makes my mouth water (I am glad I’ll be able to have some in just a couple of days :))…. as for the shopping, I shop several times a week (to buy fresh and to not waste food that we don’t end up eating) and I also buy a lot of local and organic food now. I just feel better about it.

    Have you seen Food, Inc.?

  7. I’m actually going to do a post on this too very soon (for Gattina also!)… so I won’t respond now. Except to say that YES! I LOVE fresh produce! And I get a lot more of it NOW than I did in the past! 🙂

  8. Yes, grocery habits changes for sure. There has been times with some fast food or ready meals bought, but now when we’re on the LowCarb diet we do all our meals from the ground, no cheating. This means that we can’t do big shopping once a month as earlier, we had to change it to at least twice a month cause of the veggies. They can’t keep fresh that long!

    Though now when hubby has been ill with the stubborn stomach bug, it has been very complicated to put it mildly. That’s why I haven’t been around much, it makes me busy serving him. I want thim to get well! 16 days has gone by… phew!

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