All in a Days Work

Today was go through the fridge day and determine what needed to be tossed, what needed to be cooked, and what needed to be prepared.

This found me making a huge garden salad, Jack made his cucumber salad, and I prepared everything so we could saute up bacon, onion and Brussel sprouts for our dinner tonight.

So that was also a lot of cutting up and chopping as well as preparing three meals for me and three meals for Jack.


At least I have all the vegetables prepared for the next few days and I will just need to cook the protein part of the meal.

This is good because nothing will go to waste and I can now get on to other things.

I couldn’t stand not doing something about my roots so I ordered some color from a mail-order company. It should be here next week. I hope it comes out well because I am not sure how long it will be until I feel safe going to the hair salon. I will keep you posted.

Tomorrow is clean my closet out day, as suddenly I have an interesting problem. After losing 38.6 pounds, I have a closet full of clothes that are way too big for me. So I need to weed them out.

I slept like a baby on Wednesday night, and I am sure I will tonight too. Having the air conditioner makes all the difference!

Happy Thursday!



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