And The Survey Says…

I picked up the latest copy of a magazine that I really enjoy. In fact, I used to subscribe to it because I liked the news and recipes and fashion. As a subscriber, I got a reduced price and a few bonuses along the way.


Anyway, I picked up the latest issue and started to turn page after page after page. There were many nice recipes, new fashions, and of course advertisements. Then I hit page 52 and my world was shattered. The column was about what to eat in your 20s, 30s, & 40s. (No mention of your 50s, 60, 70s, etc)


In your twenties, you should be eating eggs, vegetables, chicken, coconut water, Greek yogurt, and quinoa. In your thirties, you should be eating oatmeal, nuts, tuna, edamame, avocado, and lentils. In your forties, you should be eating ginger, cherries, salmon, kale, extra virgin olive oil, and green tea.


But I’m in my sixties! What am I supposed to be eating? Or is it that after you turn fifty it’s all over anyway, so you might as well give up!

I thought about this for a while and actually started to feel bad, then my phone rang and it was a man doing a survey for our local electric company. Now I love my electric company, they do a good job, (the rates are bad, but heck they are bad everywhere!) and they’re very friendly when I need them. So I answered his survey. At the very end, he asked how old I was. Now, what on earth does my age have to do with the electrical current?

You know, my age never bothered me until I read the article, but today I was actually feeling old. I told him how old I was and why I was feeling bad about it. He laughed and then said, “It’s okay, that’s young! I’m 68!”

After that, I felt better and went about my day.

At least Weight Watchers has helped to give me guidelines to follow about the foods to eat to make you healthy.

But between the magazine and the electric company survey, I sort of felt tremendously over the hill!

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4 thoughts on “And The Survey Says…”

  1. While it is rare that I will do surveys, there was a local council survey by phone. I was asked my age and was told, sorry, you are in the wrong age demographic. Well!!!

  2. In your sixties, I would suggest eating a little of everything in all the other age groups, but add a little extra to your protein ration, for instance a little protein with each meal instead of just at breakfast and dinner. This is easier on the body than just one huge steak a day as some people might think is needed. I am also sixty eight now.

  3. I hear you. I never cared about age until I hit 60. Now I dread every birthday and can’t bear having to put down my age when required.

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