The Weekend Wrap August 17th

weekend wrap 1The weekend seemed to fly by, even though I kind of checked out for the weekend. I’d pulled a muscle in my back and it was tender, so I worked on stretching and resting it. It’s Sunday night now, and I think it is somewhat better.

Poor Jack has eaten so much fish lately, that I decided to cook different meals for him. But I’ve been almost craving fish and I have indulged myself.

I’ve also watched quite a few movies. Not that I sit here with popcorn, but I have them on while I am doing things like making meals and chopping up vegetables for salads.

“Red” with Bruce Willis, “The Family Stone” with Diane Keaton, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Rachel McAdams, “Sully” with Tom Hanks, and the last two Harry Potter movies.

I also sat stitch ripping a mask that I had ordered, that came and was sewn so poorly. I know that once I pin and sew this, I will have a very adorable wire-haired dachshund mask.

Laundry will be done today (Monday) and I am also planning on sewing a few things, so that will keep me happily busy.


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  1. Great choices for your movies. I was working in Jersey City, NJ when Sully landed that plane in the Hudson. I didn’t see the landing, but I did see the plane in the water.

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