It’s All About…Water

Dog Pablo PicassoSo, I have hired someone to re-roof our house. This is a very good thing. It probably should have been done a year ago, but since we have had no damage, I think we caught it in time.

There are other things that need to be done, like de-cluttering the house and then an inside re-paint.

So, last night when Jack woke me up at 11:45 PM I knew it was not a good thing.

We have no water!

This happened once before when a new pump and wiring needed to be replaced. I am hoping that this is all.

But Jack was upset and he would not be calmed down. How will we flush the toilet? How will you (me) cook for me? (him) How can I was the dishes, and the floors and do laundry?

I had to giggle because all the things he mentioned were the things I do!

I recalled a movie I had seen and the exchange between a lawyer and the man he was representing. The movie was called “The Bridge of Spies”. The lawyer was played by Tom Hanks, and his client was played by Mark Rylance.

Tom Hanks: Aren’t you worried?
Mark Rylance: Would that help?

So, here I was at 1:30 AM trying to get Jack to calm down and go back to bed. After all, there is nothing we can do until 8 AM. Then I will call for Well Service.

I am hoping for an easy fix. If not, I break out the plastic silverware and paper plates. It’s inconvenient but so is so much of what we call life. It is what it is, and you just slog along working things out.

Perhaps I am so calm about all of this because I still feel too yucky to care. After all, me getting upset and worried and undone by this wouldn’t help at all now, would it?


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  1. I know you’re right about worrying, but I’m guilty of it. ~~hope you can get this fixed quickly!!

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