Keep Moving…

On Friday I finally got my heart monitor. The nurse did not have time to put it on me, but she said it was easy, just follow directions.

Okay. First, you register your monitor. The nurse did that, but I was directed to call them. So, I did and they said I was all set and to put the unit on.

The directions ordered me to shave the part of my chest on the left-hand side. Then scrub it down with sandpaper and clean it with alcohol.

Then after everything dried, attach the monitor to your chest. I have to say it was not as easy as it sounded, but eventually, I got it on. Yay me!

301115435_1516229365478912_6994330273027211454_n 2Let the 2 weeks begin!

Meanwhile, coming home we were stuck in heavy traffic. All the families from Southern New England headed to Northern New England. And oh, my my.  What clogged highways we had!

It was not my favorite way to drive home, but I made it just fine. It just took a little longer.

So that’s my day. Hope your day was a good one!

Heidi Marie

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