Rest In Peace, Queen Elizabeth

The Friday FiveThis week’s Friday Five will have my thoughts about the late Queen Elizabeth. All my life and before she was the Queen of England. Think about it. Most of us have not known a world without Queen Elizabeth in it.

  1. I recall seeing pictures of her at State functions when I was a little girl. She wore beautiful gowns and beautiful crowns.
  2. Queen Elizabeth loved dogs and horses. That really endeared her to me. I have always been an animal lover.
  3. Tea. Tea time was special for the Queen and for me as well. The Queen loved a good cup, and so did I. I think my grandmother (who reminded me of the Queen) made tea time, a time full of talk, sharing, and happiness.rs_1200x1200-220627144835-1200-Queen-Elizabeth-celebration
  4. You know, Queen Elizabeth lived through so many difficult times. She may not have always gotten everything 100% correct. But, you know what? She never gave up! She tried to be a rock for her family and for her Country.
  5. Rest in peace, to a woman who gave her all to her Country and to the world. Well done.

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