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Kindness & Love

Recently, there was a question on Facebook that I am positively sure no one was really thinking about when they answered. The question?

“If you could get rid of one thing in the World, what would it be?”

Well, most people named their least favorite politician. Some named their ex-spouses. While others named obscure and little-known rock singers.

But as I sat here thinking about that question, I came up with the only legitimate answer.


I chose Hate because if it did not exist problems throughout the world would end.

Wars would not be fought. Divorces would be settled in a kind and positive way. Children would be raised in an atmosphere of total love instead of ammunition between mother and father.

People would smile more and accept people for who they are. Kindness would prevail!

If Hate ceased to exist, people would respect each other. They would work for positive outcomes, instead of destroying what people think or have, they would work together to make things better.

Each day I turn on the TV and I hear average people, politicians, and even children spewing Hate-filled speeches.

Our TV commercials here in New Hampshire are filled with political ads and the ads are filled with Hate.

So, I subscribed to a few streaming services so that I can avoid the bleak pictures being painted of our world.

Politicians, school board members, and town officials beware. If you are preaching Hate, you’re not getting my vote.

I vote for kindness and love.

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  1. Nicely put. Opposition political parties rarely approve of anything the party in power does. They oppose rather than positively state what they would do.

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