The Friday Five ~ June 28th

The Friday FiveGood morning to you all. I am finally feeling a bit better from pneumonia. I am still coughing and still tired, but I am so much better. Nevertheless, here is this week’s Friday Five.

  1. My carpenter has now ordered new windows for the screened porch. When we built the house, someone made windows you could pull up and hook to the ceiling. After 24 years, they are falling apart, and since I am not tall, I need standard windows. This will help me make this a three-season porch.
  2. Lili and Heidi are going to be groomed on Sunday. Poor Lili has about three coats of fur, so my house is full of her fur! Heidi looks like a ragga muffin and will also be washed and groomed.
  3. I am planning a short trip to the grocery store today. I finally have an appetite and need some good, healthy food.
  4. Today would have been my Mom’s 95th birthday. Happy Heavenly Birthday, Mom.

    Family Party June 26, 2010 027

  5. Lastly, it is nice to feel better. When I take my next trip, I will also take extra vitamins to keep myself healthy.

Have a great weekend!

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