The Friday Five ~A Day Early

The last week slipped right on by. It went fast for me because I fell ill with pneumonia on Saturday afternoon. I felt I was running a fever and had a small one. I decided to go to the walk-in clinic.

  1. The doctor listened to my congested lungs. She ordered a chest X-ray, and since I had bloodwork done a few days before, she looked those over as well.
  2. I was ordered antibiotics and a nebulizer. I was told to go home and drink copious amounts of juice and water.
  3. My neighbor was kind enough to get my prescription, and I got straight into my pajamas, grabbed my blanket, and fell asleep on the recliner.
  4. The next few days found me asleep most of the time. The coughing was terrible, and my fever spiked up to 102.7 at one point. I promised myself that if it hit 103, I would call for help.
  5. When I woke up on Wednesday, my fever had broken. Although I still feel weak and tired, I am on the upswing.

So that was my week. I am glad it is nearly over, and I am starting to feel better.

Happy Weekend!

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