The Friday Five ~ March 22nd

20200206_160117When I hoped for early spring, it was announced that we would get more snow on Saturday! So, here is an old picture of the Lake before I had the trees removed! And, here we go.

  1. I decided to redo my bathroom. After 24 years, it simply was time. I did not feel bad as the old was removed, and the new stuff was ordered.
  2. My goal wasn’t just painting. I have taken the old jacuzzi out, and they have redone the flooring and painted it. In its place, there will now be a washer and dryer. There will be no more stairs carrying a heavy laundry basket downstairs or upstairs. I will have a great corner shower, too.
  3. The dogs and I have enjoyed having these folks around. The bathroom is coming out so well they’re scheduled to paint my bedroom. I finally decided to get an adjustable bed. With this neck problem and having slept in my recliner for over two years, it is time!
  4. Friday, I am off to pick out a new pair of glasses. After losing my good ones on my trip in January, it is time.
  5. We have ice out on our Lake. It was just a few days behind the big lake, Lake Winnipesaukee.


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