The Friday Five ~ March 29th


Another week has slipped by, and another month, as well. There has been so much happening.

  1. The bathroom renovation is done, and the washer and dryer are in working condition! I am slowly setting up the vanity, and soon, I will set up the shower with my shampoo and soap. I love it.
  2. Easter is upon us. My cousins are coming on Saturday. It will be their first visit since the bathroom reno. I am excited.
  3. Easter is on Sunday. I have no plans, so I decided to make myself a meal my grandmother used to make: Lamb, baked potato, and asparagus.
  4. It’s a first. Likewise, the 9th of April would have been our 36th wedding anniversary. I’ve never done this alone before, but I am learning that I have to do this myself from now on.
  5. I will head to England in a few weeks to see my stepdaughter. It’s been far too long since we last saw each other.

So that’s the latest. I wish you all a very Happy Easter!


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