The Friday Five March First

  1. The Friday Five1. The last few weeks I have been so stressed. Trying to get Heidi back on her feet..pending-1707144085-2024-01-29-09-41-25-058Good news! She is almost completely well.
  2. We started making plans to renovate my master bath. I think in the end it will be quite lovely.
  3. I need to take Lili outside and brush her. She is full of large clumps of her winter coat. Often these clumps fall off in one big piece.
  4. My sister is coming up this weekend. I need this. I need a hug. I need her calm, loving ways.2023-11-24-19-16-06-842I am so lucky to have a big sister like Melodie.
  5. I was trying to wait for my vision insurance to buy replacement glasses, but I have decided today that I have to go. I’ve been getting eye-strain headaches so it is time to go.


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