The Friday Five March 26th

I haven’t written in a while. I never dreamed that painting, getting a new carpet, and painting the bathroom would be crazy busy. But it was, and here is why.

  1.  I needed to get rid of my old bedroom furniture. Not only was it over 50 years old, but it was flat and offered me no comfort.
  2. So, I sold the kingsize bed with sheets, blankets, and two dressers to a young couple for $50.00. It made me feel good.
  3. My carpenter came in and took the bathroom apart. Painting was done, and I have a new shower and vanity. My washer and dryer are now in the bathroom where my jacuzzi once sat.
  4. Everything was finished, and on Monday, the new bed arrived. Since my spinal surgery, I have slept in a recliner. Now, I have an adjustable bed.
  5. I slept there last night, and it was an excellent, deep sleep.



dackel in bed

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