This & That May 14, 2020

On Wednesday I decided to download the pictures from my Cell Phone onto my computer. From here I will back them up on my external hard drive. Already I have noticed that my phone is working better. I do not back things up to a cloud, as I find that a nuisance.

I also attempted to do my hair and I have reached the point where my “Covid-19 Hair” is just one massive mess.


They have opened our salons, but I’m not ready to commit to going in. I so wish I could have my hairstylist put the color on in the parking lot, and then have me drive home and wash it out myself. Alas, that is not to be.

My allergies have returned. But here is the funny thing. After lunch, I told Jack I wasn’t feeling well. He immediately began questioning me.

  1. Do you have a fever? (No, my temperature was 97.7)
  2. Do you have a headache? (Yes, a bad one)
  3. Was that a sneeze I heard? (Yes, Ah-choo)
  4. Do you have chills? (Yes, where’s my blanket)
  5. You look tired? (I am. I think I will lay back and nap)

So, I’m pretty sure it’s not the Virus, but I do blame my allergies for this, as my eyes have also felt scratchy.

I didn’t sleep for too long because the phone kept ringing. Junk calls!

Bedtime will be early and I hope that by tomorrow I will be feeling a bit perkier.

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3 thoughts on “This & That May 14, 2020”

  1. I have had terrible allergies. Sinus headache, drainage, etc. Happens every Spring with the tree pollen. Not chills though – keep any eye on that one. You have so thoroughly suited up and disinfected though, it’s hard to imagine you contracted Covid.

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