Comfy & Safe

During the lock-down against this blasted Virus, I have actually felt pretty comfortable. Let me tell you why.

When I started WW in January, literally, nothing fit me. I had purchased several sets of leggings and tops and I wore those with one of my aprons. (Have I mentioned I love Aprons? Especially the one-piece Japanese ones.)

Anyway, while in exile, I have worn these legging sets every day, except when I go out to the store, and then I am forced to put on “real” clothes.

Over time, I have gone from the leggings being “skin-tight”, to them being really comfortable. Of course, now our temperatures are starting to get warm, so although I can still stay in the leggings, I must now switch to short sleeve tops.

I am so comfortable in these leggings I could live in them for the rest of my life. I will be in for a rude awakening when we go back to the real world, one day.

What has been something that has been positive for you during the wild and crazy time?

Have you learned anything new about yourself? Have you been able to remain positive?

I do have my days, where it all seems bleak, but really now that our weather is warmer and sunnier, I am feeling the love.

I sure hope you are too!



2 thoughts on “Comfy & Safe”

  1. I can’t think of anything positive and after a bout of lovely fine autumn weather, it will turn bad tomorrow for an extended period.

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