And The Wind Blew!

Wow! Late on Sunday night, the winds blew in. At first, it wasn’t too bad, but by Monday morning we were having 50+ mph winds, at times sustained, and it was simply crazy around here. I swear I saw the Wicked Witch of the West fly by in our backyard!


I knew that my eye drops would be ready by 11 o’clock, at the Pharmacy, so I left about 10:15 to go to the Post Office and then to get my Prescription.

As I often do, I was on the Cell Phone (hands-free) talking to my friend Gail, when I came to an abrupt stop on my little Lane! This is what I saw!

166512904_10222015753000635_4892759414753516297_nThis picture was taken by my neighbor Steve Ainsworth. And I use it with his permission.

As you can see the tree was old and rotten, part of it was in our road, and the other on the live wires. I remember what a friend, who is an electrician told me. Never go near downed wires! So needless to say, I didn’t.

Lucky for us, we had a side road we could all take to get out. All except for the people who were in the yellow house. Their lines were down until Tuesday morning.

Our power went out at noontime on Monday and stayed off until about 6:30. Thankfully, when we built this house, Jack insisted we install a hardwired generator. I balked at the time. Wasting money, I said. However, after 22 years, I eat my words every time we lose power, and we lose it a lot.

This year we have had so many wind events and it’s only March. It was simply crazy wild. The very best thing I can say is that we now have the connections set up for when we have to use the generator.

The hardwired generator provides automatic electricity to our well’s pump, so we have water, to our furnace, for heat, and to run our hot water heater.

The heavy-duty extension chords come out and while Jack is moving the generator outside and filling up the tank, I go to three places and run the extension chords. With that, we can watch Satellite or Amazon Fire TV, charge the cell phones and computers and even hook up the Internet and do work there. We also hook up the freezer and an extra fridge we have. (The kitchen fridge is on the hardwired system.)

So we made it through another windstorm and today it is so beautiful and calm. Thankfully!

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  1. I understand your reluctance to pay for a generator system and I would have too, but it seems like it was a great thing for you to have.

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