TBT: Arnie At The Zuchtschau

Arnie was shown twice at a German dog show (Zuchtschau). This was the first time in September 2007. He did very well and was given an Excellent rating. The man with me was a Judge from Switzerland. He was very kind, and he enjoyed all of the dogs.

Sept 21 025The next picture is of Arnie and me as we walked the ring. Arnie was a joy to show.

Sept 21 021

Such a sweet dog, with a great personality. People fell in love with him then and still do now.

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One thought on “TBT: Arnie At The Zuchtschau”

  1. Sweet memories but a scary reminder of when my father and step mother were obsessed with Samoyeds, bred them, showed them and sold them. That’s all they talked about and I recall suffering as I watched the dogs being walked in a ring, and all the grooming that went on before.

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