November 1st

Here we are. It’s November first and before you know it, 2021 will be over. I am still astounded at how we actually got to November so quickly. For me, this year has simply sped by!

On Friday I went into my hairstylist’s salon and had a morning of beauty. I had my first manicure in years, and she revived my hair and by the time I left, I felt wonderfully renewed!  I am always grateful when I can take a few hours and get spoiled like this! And I thank my stylist, Rebecca. She always makes me feel spoilt!

After that, I took off to go and see Mandy, Matt, and the kids! It had been a while, and I’d missed them a lot.

251199180_636648094160564_8142376043744435376_n (2) copySavi & Oma

The kids showed me their games and we talked a lot. And after dinner, and a movie the kids and I crashed while their parents had a date night.

251222051_1763565073836476_1942447775671063765_n (2) copyOma & Quinn

I do admit to falling asleep during the movie. It seems lately I am just not getting enough sleep. So when a cartoon movie comes on, it is “snore city” for me!

The next day I left as the kids were getting ready for their Karate Class, as I needed to go and get gas ($308. a gallon) and get some food items at a cheaper, and better-stocked grocery store.

Of course, this was all done in the pouring rain, but I look at it like this, at least I got my car clean!

Of course, the next day was Halloween and the kids had so much fun dressing up and going out to Trick or Treat with their friends.

249588294_10227411726260542_4336663325132952949_nSavi & Quinn in their ghoulish costumes!

248085682_10227411727020561_7013899046720677103_nGhostly Savannah Skeleton Ghoul!

248439760_10227411725780530_3645333722983690242_nNinja Monster Ghoul Quinn!

Once again, we had no trick or treaters at our house. With a 600 ft. driveway, which is pitch black at night, none of the kids dare come down to see us. Jack insisted we get candy “just in case”, so I bought his Reeces Peanut Butter Cups. We had no trick or treaters once again! So Jack gets lucky and has his favorite candy.

So, November is starting on a happy note and for that I am thankful! Here’s wishing you all a wonderful and joyous November!


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  1. Your granddaughter favors you : ) Maybe your daughter does too? We are left with a bag of ‘just in case’ Reeses too. I told hubs to buy something he likes because he would likely be the one eating it. Happy November!

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