Life is weird. When we moved back to New Hampshire after briefly living in Florida, I was thrilled. A return to my roots and a more relaxed lifestyle.

Of course, things change. We’d decided to move a bit further north, closer to the ski areas, as we were both skiing back then and wanted the convenience. And back then, Mandy had no kids and was still finding her way in the world.

So we chose our little town, which was safe and lovely, filled with wonderfully kind people.

Back in 2019 we actually had a daytime break-in. We’re sure that this person thought I was not home, as Jack had an appointment that morning and almost always I went along.

I was due to go to Disney shortly after, and I was on the phone making plans, but otherwise, I was in a silent house.

Suddenly I heard a door slam in our garage. I ran to the window, thinking Jack had returned. But there was no car.

I heard footsteps on the stairs, and a strange voice call out “Hello”. And my heart began to race.

I hung up on Disney and dialed 911. Meanwhile, Lili came to the door that I was trying to block and began to fiercely growl and bark. The dackels were barking too! But Lili was so fierce. A side of her I’d never seen.

I yelled, “I’m calling the Police! They’re on the way!!” and hoped they actually were.

The man raced down the stairs and out the door, and the Police arrived shortly after. Eventually, he was apprehended. I have taken measures to make sure it does not happen again.

Then, last year I was waiting for a check from Novartis, to reimburse me for Arnie’s care, to the tune of $2000.00. I could see it was supposed to be delivered to my Post Office Box on the Post Office App. It never arrived. Novartis canceled the check and issued a new one, but that was the first time I realized that shenanigans were happening at the Post Offices. Either here or at the main sorting area in Manchester.

Then the other day. I was waiting for a package for myself. I saw a cute little purse on Amazon and thought, I deserved a cute little something. I once again saw it was arriving on the Post Office App, and I was so excited!

But when I went to the Post Office, stuck in my box was the bubble-wrapped package that had been sliced open, and my beautiful purse was gone! I went to the front of the Post Office to ask the Clerk was had happened. And he said it came that way.

Okay. So tell me. Where, in this secure postal system had my bag disappeared? No one could tell me, no one wanted to help. Fortunately, Amazon did help and is sending me a new bag.

But here’s the thing. We got the Post Office Box because of our long driveway. We’ve always felt secure, knowing our mail was safe at the Post Office. Now? Not so much.

We also had a recent spate of automobile break-ins. The Police issued a notice to all to lock your cars and also to hide any valuables in your car.

So the world, or at least my little corner of it, is less safe. What a shame. Even in my little town, of about 6000 people, the thieves are active.

It’s sad. I was born in the ’50s and raised in the ’60s and I felt so safe and merry. I rode my bike everywhere, played outside with friends until dusk, and had friendships with the mailman, the milkman, and the grocery store clerks. I smiled a lot. Life was nice back then. And almost all the people in my little world were good and kind people.

So here’s my hope, that people will make an effort to be kind. They will opt for honesty and care. That dishonesty is not rewarded.

Perhaps this is too much to hope for. But a girl can dream, can’t she?

Maribeth Dackel

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