Autumn in New England

This weekend found me traipsing around town taking pictures and enjoying the last remnants of the fall foliage. It’s already started to fall, and by the end of the week, I think we will be leaf-less once again. Another Autumn is slipping by.

As I drove I could see that “Red Hill” was still ablaze with color, but there was no place to stop, to pull over, and get a good shot. You will simply have to trust me that “Red Hill” was breathtaking!

The day started kind of dark and grey,

Oct 17 001

but rather quickly the sun came out and that is what set me off to find the picture!

Oct 17 004

It was such a lovely day! And I enjoyed the fresh air and slightly cooler temperatures!

Oct 17 003

I’ve not done too much with my photography this year, but today I did just what I wanted!

Oct 17 014

Autumn is nearly done and in a month I will be sixty-two. It’s all good. There are so many Seasons in life and on the earth. I think it helps one to stay balanced.

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  1. Those photos are stunning! I think I may have changed my mind about traveling…I just answered the Hodgepodge saying I don’t miss traveling. Your photos make me want to go back to New Hampshire. There is nothing like Autumn in New England 🙂

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