The Seasons ~ Winter

 As we started 2023 I was hopeful that we would get away with less snow than usual. This would lighten our plowing bill. Alas, this was not to be. The last snowfall was 6-8 inches of weighty snow, and today (Monday) it is snowing again, and in the end, we have 18 inches of new snow. This is the most two-day snowfall we have had in many years.

January SnowstormOn the left was this morning and on the right was this afternoon.

It’s pretty, but to get it functional we will need plowing, sanding, and an area to be snow blown for the dogs.

I took Heidi out on the small path I had shoveled, and she felt feisty and leapt into the snow. This would have been fine, but the snow is so deep she disappeared! Just her little black nose stood above the frosty white snow.

I laugh now because it was so funny, to see Heidi’s surprised little snout come to the surface. But the poor little baby did not like that deep, wet, cold, snow!

My work all day was to rake the roof some and keep the satellite dish clear, as well as encourage Heidi to use the snowy yard for all her important needs. I’ll tell you, it is a wet and cold job.

We are supposed to drive to Manchester tomorrow. That will depend on the road conditions. I am not looking forward to that hour-long drive down and back.


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