Fake Meat

I went out on Wednesday morning to gather the items I would need to get through yet another snowstorm. As I checked the vegetables, meats, and deli products it hit me.

First the jump in the prices of everything, including cabbage and potatoes, which have always been cheap staples. Their cost was sky high.

My dislike also extends to the new fad of “fake Meat”!

I am here to tell you that as much as I enjoy an occasional hot and sour soup with tofu (fake meat!) I don’t like fake meat. I like the real thing.

I love a good, tender, steak. I love Babyback Ribs, and I love chicken and turkey as well. I adore fish. Why should I have to eat fake meat if I think it tastes like crap?

These fake items are gaining places on our grocery shelves. Today I couldn’t get any bologna. The middle case of the meats was filled with fake meat. It got me thinking. I can’t be the only one that feels this way.

I learned that Elisabeth Hagen, Under Secretary for Food Safety at the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), is in charge of the food supply, All I can say is, it would do us all a lot of good if you did your job better.

Ah well, enough complaining for now. I keep looking to get back to the life we once had and I haven’t been able to do that yet.


3 thoughts on “Fake Meat”

  1. Tofu has its place but it is certainly not meat. I’ve had textured vegetable protein burgers and they tasted ok but I would not want a fake steak or fake roast lamb. The trend here and probably for you now is vegetarian restaurants and vegetarian meals have been changed to plant based.

  2. I enjoy eating meat and poultry. I’ve got a ton of chicken in my freezer right now. And I’d be upset if I couldn’t buy what I want (no shortages here in NY, though groceries are still very expensive).

    That being said, I’m glad to see vegetarian and vegan options in the supermarket. There are a lot more vegetarians these days, it’s nice to have options.

  3. Tofu isn’t fake meat, it’s bean curd, a form of soy. Way different. As a sometimes vegetarian ((never eat beef, pork, organ meat or game and go years without chicken or Turkey) (eating a little of it now) I like many meat replacement. Some of it is awful but a lot is tasty. I don’t eat meat mostly because I love animals and hate the cruel way they are treated and processed. The chicken we get is local true free range the fish locally caught. All of that said, I don’t care if others eat meat or eat it around I just don’t;).

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