The Friday Five ~ January 27th

letitsnowI was getting ready to tuck into bed when I realized I had not written my Friday Five. So I got up and here I go.

  1. This week we have had snow and more snow and the snow that turned to mush, and currently, at 10:30 PM everything is ice.
  2. Now the poor pooches have trouble with ice and I actually stomped down a snow bank to make an area for Heidi, who simply gives up on the ice.
  3. Jack has been having a few health problems, so I made sure I got him in to see his Primary Care doctor. There are tests he needs.
  4. So after all the snow, I think we have probably had close to 20 inches! It’s probably the most we have had sort of all at once, in many years.
  5. We are due for more snow over the weekend. Ugh. I am now ready for winter to be over!


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