The Friday Five ~ February 3rd

letitsnowThe week sped by. I took Jack for tests, and then Thursday found me going for my six-month check-up.  But here’s what else is going on.

  1. I think the best news was finding out my medical insurance will be continuing with the same doctors after I turn 65 and go on Medicare. I had gotten a letter in error and thought I was being kicked to the curb.
  2. My physical went well, and so far I am good to go for another six months.
  3. I do have two stopped-up ears. They’ve been bothering me, and Amie (my Nurse Practitioner) said that my ears are full and not draining. We’re trying some meds to dry it up and drain it, but if we have no luck then it’s off to have tubes put in. Hopefully not.
  4. I really have enjoyed not having any major health problems! Yay! I sure hope that continues!
  5. Lastly, it is freaking cold and only due to get colder. I have plenty of food, the car is gassed up, and I also have all my cold-weather gear out and ready for use when I walk the dogs. Lili is fine with this, but poor Heidi just wants to be inside. I can’t say I blame the little girl!

So that’s it for the week. Here’s hoping that the frigid weather does not last long!


One thought on “The Friday Five ~ February 3rd”

  1. Do I have to type in CAPS so you can hear me? If a bit of ear wax is your only real problem, you aren’t doing badly at all. Funny how some dogs would hate to miss a walk, regardless of the weather, but others really notice the weather. I suppose humans are like that too.

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