A Winter Wonderland

It has been another snowy day here in New Hampshire. It seems that we just get cleaned up from one storm when another comes rushing in. It’s pretty and when I lived in Florida I missed the four seasons. That being said, I love snow for Christmas in December and after that I want Springtime!

20181120_105055I went out with Lili and Arnie to take a short video, which is below. As I write on Monday night, it is still snowing! Thank goodness this year I finally replaced my winter boots (My last pair died several years ago), and have a good down parka with faux fur!

Lili loves the snow, but poor old boy Arnie is not a fan!

Tomorrow I go in for an eye exam and I think I will look for new frames for my glasses. The ones I have are three years old and as much as I love them, I feel like a change.

I hope your Monday was a nice one and that your weather is better than ours!


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  1. Lily looks she was made for cavorting in the snow. I will watch the video again with the sound on. It is always interesting to hear bloggers’ voices.

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