Apple Blossoms

I thought this morning I would take you for a walk around my yard. The Apple Blossoms are in full bloom and not only does it smell lovely, but it is simply beautiful!

Apple Tree Lady AppleLady Apple Tree

Apple Blosson and bee 2A little bee working the blossoms.

Apple Blossoms 2A lovely group of Apple Blossoms.

Apple Blossom Perfect
A perfect Blossom.

Apple Blossom and Bee 4

A Bumble Bee working. It’s funny, but when they are working the blossoms, they do not care about bothering you.

Apple Blossom and Bee 1

Another blossom and Bee.

Apple Blossom 2

Apple Blossom.

It’s a wonderful thing, being able to go outside in your yard and walk around in all of this beauty. While I was out there, the birds began to come. They appear to know me now and do not scurry off as they once did. It was lovely and peaceful and for a time I was able to forget about the Virus, and any little problems I might have.

Apple Blossoms

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